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  1. So far DCS was never minimized when I was clicking in full-screen mode on the second monitor but since 2.7 it does. It is very annoying to be honest. Please if possible fix this. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi! I'm reflying the missions with the A-10C II and what I realised that the AI wingmans are slow, they cannot keep up the speed. They are not flying with more than 230 IAS. Especially visible this problem at M03 where all the 3 wingman lack behind by 5-10nm. Thanks a lo!
  3. If you are a noob like me and wonders why the hell the RSHIFT+H does not bring up the NVG than here is the trick: While on the carrier go to ground crew and ask them that instead of the JHMCS you want to have NVG. Cool isn't it? Another piece of suggestion: shoot where the skunks will be, not where they are.
  4. In the meanwhile I have figured it out. You can only enable GRCV on AUX/COMM2 if it is still on Channel 1 / Preset 1. After that you can switch to Channel 2 - Strike. Worked like a charm. BTW Great Mission!
  5. At Mission 5 Prince got JOKER but kept fighting although he said he will climb to angel 28.
  6. Maybe I am doing something wrong. At Mission 5 I am supposed to swithc to strike (preset 2) and enable GUARD. I'm pushing GRCV on AUX/COMM2 but nothing happanes. If I enable GUARD on COMM1 than I cannot hear Prince... What I did now I set Strike on COMM1 and Initial on COMM2 because it seems guard can be enabled on COMM1 only. Dunno if it will work this way.
  7. Quick question. At Mission 3 (not yet further in the missions) I'm supposed to do countermeasures check. Does it mean turn on the CMS and wait for the BIT Test or what am I supposed to do?
  8. Hi Baltic! First of all thank for the excellent Campaign. I bought it at the day of the release. It is SuperB and love it. I did the Enemy within 3 as well. Coming from that I do have a question / feedback: For me it is a little bit disturbing that end of the mission there is no feedback whether the mission was succesful or not. In EW3 the nice short music gave such a good feeling that I could accomplish. Here I miss that. Also it would be nice to know why I did not reach 100 points, just 80-90 e.g. Thanks a lot! And keep it up!
  9. Hi Guys! I'm trying to complete mission 3. But as soon as I reach WP2 (Maykop) I experience terrible lagging, like 1 FPS. Have anybody else experienced the same?
  10. Hi There! I tried to create a very simple mission for myself to practice some bombings. Originally I set a payload which worked fine in the mission. Later I changed that payload because I wanted to test different bombs but even tough I reload the DSMS (A-10C) it reloads the original payloads, however the physical payload is correct but because of the mismatch I have red stations. I've seen an older post that if you did a mission preparation but it is a bug and the file should be hand edited. But the post was from 2010 so I hope there is an another fix. Thanks!
  11. Great, thank you! Do you think I get an automatic update if I bought it trough steam? BTW: Thank you very much for your great product. I really enjoy it very much. It is really a quality piece.
  12. Hi Bought the campaign approx 2 weeks ago on steam. This mission is still unbeatable. If I see the logs right the Mortar starts firing when I take off from Kobuleti. Was it fixed already? Thanks
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