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  1. I too get FPS drops and screen tearing in VR, still have to try the map on desktop, however; both on the ground and in low alt the map is performing poorly. This is only amplified in multiplayer. Strange thing is, four of us did a flyover from Incirlik to Jordan when the map was released and it was all smooth, I experienced some stutters only over Beirut. At first glance it seems like the first update after Syria release introduced the performance issues.
  2. Also the question is, what SP content is actually ready? As both training missions and instant action missions need to be prepared by the devs and judging by the other EA releases lately and absence of all but one video, I have the suspicion that they are still working on those along the bugfixes. If they are working on them at all and won't provide us with video tutorials instead.
  3. From my experience (from X55 to Warthog), I can also confirm the troubles with X55 but more importantly I like that when it comes to Warthog or similar HOTAS, besides the very good performance and build quality out of the box, you can upgrade it in the future without completely changing the setup. In the recent year I upgraded slew sensor on WH throttle and base of the stick. It certainly could be argued that the upgrade is price-wise the same as getting a new HOTAS set or very close to it, but I find it better to significantly upgrade the performance rather that iterate between mid-tear eq
  4. Pre-purchase, early access, potatoes tomatoes …
  5. About that, EA prices are the full prices, you're not saving money by purchasing EA modules. I guess EA is open to interpretation, but it is customary to keep the price discounted. I would not buy the EA Viper if it would not be for the current sale otherwise.
  6. Good roadmap update. Sad about the SC delay, however; happy that performance is looked into first.
  7. I don't think they will release on Saturday, Wednesdays are the usual release days. So either 15th is still valid or after 18th, which would put it on 22nd.
  8. Yeah that was my first thought , since ED doesn't do important launches during sales :/
  9. Also make sure that when you're starting up the Mi-8, you do not switch on Laryngophone. That switch is located on the co-pilot's side above the head, where you turn on various systems. If I recall correctly, this will route all your coms to intercom only, regardless of which radio button you press.
  10. Have you tried selecting no doors and adding front door gunner as the default loadout? Perhaps that would spawn the chopper in the desired configuration right away.
  11. I take it that the current "self generating" SAR missions are a work of custom scripting, however; it works well and having additional SAR mission over water would be great. Moreover, in the upcoming Marianas map I think we can expect the increased popularity of rafting among pilots :)
  12. That would be even better than eventually binding it to a button press.
  13. That good to hear. They will need to add more water to all maps to fit all carriers :D
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