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  1. It would be nice to add a new plane like "Ilyushin Il-28Sh" with its support for gun pod, rocket or missile. Excellent for the ground attack. The "Ilyushin Il-30" with its six 23 guns and also its support for gun pod and rocket and missile I suppose. The "Ilyushin Il-46" similar gun, missile, rocket and gun pod. Please if you could add his planes to the ground attack project that would be great. Not to mention the tons of bombs he can carry. "Ilyushin Il-28Sh": "Ilyushin Il-28Sh".jpg "Ilyushin Il-28Sh".gif "Ilyushin Il-30" "Ilyushin Il-30".gif Il-30-bomber.jpg "Ilyushin Il-46" "Ilyushin Il-46".jpg Ilyushin_Il-46_top-view_silhouette.png the 3 Ilyushin. THE 3.gif
  2. cashgrany

    Hi everyone

    hi , thank you thanks to this video and the help of a friend I managed to animate my landing gear, but now I do not know how to attribute the arguments of the landing gear to the scrit .lua. Can someone help me?
  3. cashgrany

    Hi everyone

    I designed my first plane; but there I do not get out with my landing gear. I can't seem to animate it in games. in 3ds max is it perfectly animated?
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