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  1. Hello everyone ; I come back to you with a new problem; So here it is when I aim with the camera from the operator's place, how I play with three screens; the middle of the aiming camera is found between my two first screens.

    you might as well say that it is almost impossible to aim.

    If anyone would have a solution.

  2. The mod does not work; I only have the external vision (F2, F3; etc ...)
    the F1 cockpit view does not work.

    Please a little help.


    Le mod ne fonctionne pas ; je n'ai que les vision externe ( F2 , F3 ; etc...)
    la vue cockpit F1 ne fonctionne pas .

    S'il vous plait un peu d'aide .

  3. I bring up a bug which is very unpleasant; when I play in multi screen (3 screen) there is a display bug that occurs.

    There is a black square that appears completely blocking my view; the only solution for the bypass is a very strong zoom, but then you understand that it is unplayable.

    Here is the bug. (I'm playing with two 1920x1080 screens on each side and a 2560x1080 screen in the middle) :


  4. hello to all having made several complete plane I had never encountered this problem.

    Here I explain myself I wanted to make a new plane, I do it as usual; but here it is when the game is launched,

    I go to the mission editor; place my device in hot start and launch the mission and there; the problem arises .

    I can only see my plane very closely in F2 view as soon as I roll back a little the plane disappears.

    Please a little help.

  5. RE-Hello everyone; I have another problem with the Harrier which I hope you can help me solve.
    Here I can not move (aimed) with the TDC; so well with the Y; U; I; N keys or else with the little joystick on the warthog throttle.

    it just doesn't move.

    Please a little help.

  6. I will try I will come back immediately.

    I tried at 18,000 and it worked. The odd thing is that it worked at 21,000 in version 2.5.6. In all this does not make a lot of weapons or gasoline. 😞

  7. Hello everyone.
    I have a very unpleasant problem with the harrier. When I do the training missions for the vertical take-off everything works perfectly.
    But when I want to do it in the mission editor it was totally impossible for me the plane is content to move forward and not to take off vertically and this since I went to version 2.7.
    Please some help.

  8. A few months ago I managed to put new weapons on planes,


    I had made a two-barrel gunpod for the AV8B Harrier and I had made a weapon for my plane the su-47.

    But here I reformatted my pc and I lost everything and since then I can't do it again.

    I will join the .lua I have redone so that someone tries to explain to me or I am wrong.



    Please help me.





    The attached files indicate the .lua for the A10C but inside I test for the AV8B Harrier because I was already there I thought it would be easier.




  9. thank you so much J900 ; but that did not help me much, the animation works when it is the AI which controls the plane or in the modelviewer2, but when it is me which pilot and well nothing works .

  10. thank you freebirddz, but I try to watch the sequences with ModelViewer2 I do the same but nothing works in the game nothing works; one my to speak about fm the discord of dcs.

  11. I need you, I put the arguments 0 for the retraction of the landing gear and in the ModelViewer2 the animation is going well, but in the games I press the "G" key but nothing happens , please help me .

  12. It is to stay in the spirit of the MiG-19P Farmer and the MiG-15Bis it would be nice to see them fly and carry out missions together and fight the F-86F Saber and other.

    It is on that compare to multirole modern it would not hold.:clown_2:

  13. Two pair 23mm NR-23s at the front and a pair of NR-23s at the rear.

    This makes 4 offensive cannons and 2 defensive cannons.

    Sorry, I can't find a photo or you can see the weapons clearly.

    (In addition I imagine that we can attach two gun pods of 2 times two guns of 23mm; that would make 8 offensive cannon.:pilotfly:)

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