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  1. thank you I think you helped me to solve my problem in part. Thank you .
  2. hello to all having made several complete plane I had never encountered this problem. Here I explain myself I wanted to make a new plane, I do it as usual; but here it is when the game is launched, I go to the mission editor; place my device in hot start and launch the mission and there; the problem arises . I can only see my plane very closely in F2 view as soon as I roll back a little the plane disappears. Please a little help.
  3. RE-Hello everyone; I have another problem with the Harrier which I hope you can help me solve. Here I can not move (aimed) with the TDC; so well with the Y; U; I; N keys or else with the little joystick on the warthog throttle. it just doesn't move. Please a little help.
  4. okay ; Thank you for you precious help .
  5. I will try I will come back immediately. I tried at 18,000 and it worked. The odd thing is that it worked at 21,000 in version 2.5.6. In all this does not make a lot of weapons or gasoline.
  6. I tried without any weaponry. Empty. I believe he weighs 22,000 or 23,000. Do you think it comes from that?
  7. Hello everyone. I have a very unpleasant problem with the harrier. When I do the training missions for the vertical take-off everything works perfectly. But when I want to do it in the mission editor it was totally impossible for me the plane is content to move forward and not to take off vertically and this since I went to version 2.7. Please some help.
  8. very good news . Thank you .
  9. cashgrany


    Do you have in the future or near idea, to add the yak-38 in the game?
  10. it's true the animations are always bugged.
  11. it's really great although it is available on 3ds max 2020 but I no longer see the "EDM exporter". How do we do ? Do we export via the 3ds max menu?
  12. A few months ago I managed to put new weapons on planes, I had made a two-barrel gunpod for the AV8B Harrier and I had made a weapon for my plane the su-47. But here I reformatted my pc and I lost everything and since then I can't do it again. I will join the .lua I have redone so that someone tries to explain to me or I am wrong. Please help me. The attached files indicate the .lua for the A10C but inside I test for the AV8B Harrier because I was already there I thought it would be easier. A10C_canon.lua declare_loadout.lua entry.lua
  13. Can you provide me with the cockpit plans for the a10c as it does not work on: http://www.vrpits.com/ thanks in advance .
  14. cashgrany

    Hi everyone

    thank you so much J900 ; but that did not help me much, the animation works when it is the AI which controls the plane or in the modelviewer2, but when it is me which pilot and well nothing works .
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