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  1. I paid for a 3 screen setup on 25 Feb. There was a delay in April due to customs and I was told my order was prepared and ready at the beginning of May but wouldn't be shipped until mid-May due to a Chinese holiday. Mid-May came and they changed their story back to seized from customs and need to start production again. I've no idea when I'll receive what I paid for.
  2. I bought 1 of these on the website recently and am waiting for shipping. Now browsing around, their Facebook, website, and even the account here look abandoned. Anyone purchased one recently? Should I request a refund through PayPal? Thanks.
  3. Yessir, was NDB, I just added it manually. I'm using a Warthog with VR and Hat 1 is defaulted to trim.
  4. The way you describe it is how it is supposed to work, yes. If you use the broadcast parallel mode instead, does your SRS then work? If yes, then maybe you need to refresh your keywords for the switch function to work? If no, then the problem maybe lies in your settings for srs' integration and not the switch function itself?
  5. F-16 NWS/MSTP does not work for me on latest. Have to assign it manually. Thanks!
  6. My voice attack has closed itself as well. I've just been reopening it when it does. I notice it happens right as I'm loading into a mission. I do use skatezilla's launcher but not for auto launching anything.
  7. Try these from the troubleshooting FAQ. I have to delete my config subfolder often for the same reason. Symptom Configuration window not open/visible using LCtrl-LAlt-C Cause VAICOM profile not loaded Remedy Load profile VAICOM PRO for DCS World.vap Cause VA keyboard shortcuts disabled Remedy Enable VA shortcuts Cause Windows multi-monitor problem Remedy Delete Config subfolder and restart Cause Background app stealing keybinds Remedy Close background app
  8. GhastlyTT

    A-10c 2

    I gave disabling SRS a try without success. The AI responds, but silently. If Vaicom installed, I don't hear own voice or response voice with the new A10CII module. Vaicom uninstalled, all works fine. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Rog. Glad it's not my setup. I'm sure Hollywood will have it fixed soon. Thanks!
  10. Is VAICOM working correctly for anyone with the new A-10C II? I don't get responses from any AI when using VAICOM. Instant Action original Cold and Dark A-10C mission: Get power running and turn on UHF radio. Tune 262.000 for Kobuleti ATC. Use VAICOM to transmit "Kobuleti, request startup". I hear my pilot voice and I hear Kobuleti respond. Same Cold and Dark Instant Action mission but for A-10C II: Get power running and turn on UHF radio. Tune 262.000 for Kobuleti ATC. Use VAICOM to transmit "Kobuleti, request startup". No pilot voice and no response from Kobuleti. Use VAICOM to tran
  11. I just received a Gamer2 and went through all this. I use a USB headset and run the Gamer2 amp from my onboard soundcard. I initially used the software they recommend to duplicate the sound and it works ok, but after some research and trying Simshaker for Aviators with the soundmodule, there is no contest. It's a much better experience. Give the trial a chance.
  12. Assigning the rudder axis manually didn't work. On same driver and software version, too. Twist rudder still shows working in the game control panel and also functions in another flight sim. DCS world is the only program that doesn't see it. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your time. We're going to try again tomorrow. I'll compare his software versions with yours and we'll try assigning the axis manually and testing it from the aircraft instead of the settings. No, the twist axis couldn't be assigned to anything. We temporarily set his rudder to top rotary.
  14. Thank you. Pitch, Roll, and throttle were assigned in the manner which I described. When I could not get the "Twist" axis to assign to rudder, I did proceed to assign it in the drop down menu. Even with JOY_RZ selected, and the windows joystick config on the next screen showing good movement on the axis, DCS did not reflect the same. Are you an X52 Pro user with a working twist rudder? May I ask what version of Logitech's profiler you're using? Maybe it's broken in the most recent version. Thanks again! edit: to clarify, when you're assigning an axis, if you open the Assign box and move th
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