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  1. I haven't been able to find accurate measurements.
  2. I'm using a Prusa Mini, with black and white Prusament PLA filament. I'm using Prusaslicer with default settings for the printer and filament. It was 0.2 layer height, standard 0.4 mm nozzle. I just changed filament on the first layer with text. I would try adjusting the print speed if I were you, to see if that makes the text any better. The model is Obious' UFC, with no change in measurements. I also did this on the buttons I made, you can see an example here. On the buttons I made the text protrude out from the button, as I felt that made the resolution better. The font use
  3. Yeah, that is a filament change. Glow in the dark might be cool to use, and putting some LEDs in there shouldnt be too hard. I've had this project on the back burner, waiting for some threaded inserts to ship from China. They arrived today, so I started putting it together. Still haven't started soldering and mounting the buttons. I might eventually remake the whole thing though. There are various inaccuracies in Obious design. Like the top plate, which in his design isn't fastened by the screws in the corner, and the scale of things is a bit off. The Master Emergency and Mast
  4. Ok, so I've made all the buttons with protruding text, so that one can print them and do a color change and get white text on black buttons. I'll make them with recessed text as well, but that comes later. Edit: I uploaded the recessed ones too. I've published them here: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints...er-ufc-buttons
  5. Thanks :) What about the screws fastening the front plate to the box? Have you embedded any nuts in the box? The holes in the front plate are smaller than the ones in the box. (Edit: I've realized that you probably used threaded inserts) Sorry for all the questions. I can figure out a way to assemble it on my own, but it helps knowing how you did it. A pic of the inside of your would help too, if you've wired it up and it's not gone missing in the house move :D I'm making all the buttons with recessed text now. The idea is to print them and do a color change in the layer, so the
  6. I've now started printing this. Had to wait a while for my Prusa to arrive. Does anyone have a clue about how it should be put together? The M3 screws you mentioned Obious, do they just go in the matrix from the back and screw into the plastic in the back side of the cover? The dimensions of the screws mounting the cover to the box, and the two box parts together would also be nice to have.
  7. PM Sent :) Where did you put the screws? I can't see any holes on the matrix, top plate or box?
  8. I just donated 5 pounds for your effort :) This is really great, and I'm gonna print it when my prusa Mini arrives. My current printer is too small. A few questions: How do you fasten the matrix on the inside? I see there are some slots, but do you use glue or screws as well? How did you fasten and wire the buttons to the matrix? A picture of the wiring would be awesome, if possible. It looks like you forgot to include the I/P button in the files. Where did you get the measurements for it? Is it just approximations? I'm making my own MPCDs now, and getting the proper meas
  9. This happened to us just now. I was RIO and friend was pilot. We had been playing for a while, and changed planes a few times due to getting shot down etc. Suddenly we were unable to start the R engine, even after getting in a new AC. Playing online on the hoggit server. A guide on how to properly report this would be nice.
  10. Eagerly following this. Really hope you'll share the STLs, or even the cad files, as I can then make them work with my preferred buttons. I'm making my own prototype UFC right now. Got the buttons done, pots and rotaries next. It's just cheap buttons on a plexiglass for now...
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