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  1. I feel stupid but found the problem, I forgot to turn the mags on. Dopey me. All is fine now. Thank you for the reply's.
  2. Game mode is not enabled anywhere.
  3. I uninstalled the mad and installed again to see if it was corrupted. I made a little video of the instruments so you can see the settings. One other thing that I am not sure if it is a change is the Starter switch has to be left on to have the engine run. It was not like that before it was a toggle. I wonder if the whole installation is perhaps corrupted. lowpowerp51_2.mp4
  4. I tried both Stable and Open Beta since both got updated. At 55 inches of pressure and 2700 propeller setting I am only getting 150 to 170 airspeed and only 1000 feet / minute climb rate. This is really different than it used to be. I double checked all my mappings and the throttle position and all works like it is supposed to. The P47 I tested performs like I would expect. The P51 seems way to heavy or just under powered.
  5. I found in my P-51 that I had to map over again. Once that was done I found the power of the P-51 seems very low. I never got it above 150 except in a dive. I wonder if this has something to do with the propeller tech they put in the game.
  6. Hello; I tried multiplayer which worked great up until this last update. Now it is asking for this Massun92-Assetpack and I have no idea what it is and nobody else does either.
  7. I have no problem logging into MP servers but I noticed significant frame rate reduction the more active players were on flying around. I fly Helicopters, so maybe those are more tasking. It has already been said by Eagle Dynamics that the code needs to be updated and there are opportunities identified to increase performance by making better use of the hardware. We just need to have patience.
  8. Not knowing where to contact BSD, I tried to enroll and never got the email activation. My login handle is the same as here Astralnut.
  9. I would love to be able to fly the B-17, B-24, B-25, A-26 and so on... in WWII maps and missions. It is true in my experience the it is nearly impossible to get anyone to sit still for longer then 20 minutes waiting for action. Part of the challenge back then was just that, i.e, the boredom and sleepy drone of the engines and beat of all the planes around you.
  10. NS-430 needs to be adapted to 3D for VR. Please I tried the NS-430 after buying it in the 2d but when I tried in in VR nothing was visible. Please update the 430 to VR. Thank you Astralnut
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