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  1. I am doing Mission 5 in Crisis in the Persian Gulf for the Hornet. Bombing Khasab airfield. I cannot get my wingmen to attack the targets. I have used all the commands Mission and rejoin, mission and RTB, Ground Targets, Cover Me Nothing seems to get them to attack the primary targets.How do I get them to attack? Thank you.
  2. Hi thank you for your reply. Ok when I take off my flaps are down. As soon as I clear the ship I raise the flaps and gear. and my wings are set to auto on T/O. When I land the wings are in auto mode flaps are down gear down. I land on the ship I raise the hook. raise the flaps and pull the wing sweep leaver back. But the wings don't move. So am I doing something wrong there?
  3. Having a problem with my Tomcat. After I land on the carrier I cannot sweep my wings back. My flaps are up I pull the lever back but the wings stay in the extended landing mode. They will not go back In stored mode. What am I doing wrong or what am i missing?
  4. Thanks for your reply Miguel. Not sure I know what I am supposed to do. Where is the conf_mod located?
  5. Hi Cef there seems to be a problem with the F-14 before the start of a mission. The tomcats damage each other on the deck before you even get into the cockpit. you have to restart the mission a couple of times to get so that they do not damage each other.
  6. Ok thanks appreciate it
  7. Hi just want to report a bug with the F-14 crisis in the Persian Gulf campaign if no one has already reported it. At the start of the campaign even before you get into the cockpit the planes are so close together that they damage each other before the campaign even starts. Sometimes you have to restart the campaign 3 or 4 times to get it so that they do not damage each other.
  8. Can someone please explain what IC friendly means? I am still trying to learn all the jargon associated with DCS.
  9. The first mission bat does display the correct path. This is very strange. The firstmission.bat displays the correct path. this is really strange.
  10. Sorry for the confusion I should have stuck with one campaign. We should try and fix one problem before solving the next. Anyways I uninstalled everything then with the installer I reinstalled crisis over the Persian gulf for the Hornet. As soon as the installation was complete I ran firstmission.bat. Then I ran the campaign. Still got the error and the log error states it is still looking in f. Now I am not sure what you mean that the installer does not work at the end of a mission. It looks like the paths are all correct in the path.bat. The falcon campaign for crisis works perfectly. I a
  11. I am trying to see which campaigns work. The crisis ones still point f. I will resend those. Everytime I install I always do the first mission bat. Even after every campaign I click on first mission bat. I will uninstall everything and try again. Once I do if the problem persists I will send you the logs and batch files.
  12. this is from TF-71-Hornet - SuperCarrier campaign. Hopefully I have given you everything you need. If there is something else please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for all your help. Hope we can find the problem as I really like these campaigns. dcs.log path.bat FirstMission.bat camp_status.lua camp_triggers.lua clientstats.lua oob_air.lua oob_ground.lua oob_scen.lua targetlist.lua
  13. Yes I did. It is a great idea The installer. Yes I did. Love the installer simple easy to use. Only if we can get the campaigns to run. The crisis campaign for the f-16 works, Only the F-14 and F18 doesn't work.
  14. I deleted the DCE and just installed the F-16. If you look at the log for when I play the falcon (attached) all paths point to C. But in the Hornet and Tom Cat they point to F. I think this maybe a bug in the campaign. I don't think it is something at my end. It doesn't make sense that the falcon would work but the other 2 don't. I will try installing another DCE campaign not the crisis one see if that works. dcs.log Installed hornet over Persian gulf. The error message came up. But when I checked the log all paths pointed to c . The error message was "ERROR VFS: VFS_open_wr
  15. Thank you. I installed the first campaign for the f-16. Worked perfectly. I didn't test it extensively just started the campaign and exited. The error message did not pop up. A text file with a summary of the mission did pop up as it is supposed to. I then installed the F-14 Tom Cat and the F-18 Hornet But for those 2 campaigns the error message popped up and the summary text file did not. I checked the path.bat for all three they looked identical. I have no idea why it is working for one and not the other 2. I have attached the log file and the path bat for all 3 campaigns. The first one is
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