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  1. "The radar AA did not change in the last year at least, the effects you are seeing now are not new and were always there." Thanks for the clarification. As I wrote above, I don't consider this an issue. Obviously a wrong or changed perception on my side then...
  2. There's also an episode of "The Fighter Pilot Podcast" with Paul Godfrey, former British Harrier, F-16 exchange and Typhoon pilot:
  3. Yes, it definitely changed, you cannot lock planes as easily anymore, especially low flying planes. I had planes flying very low towards or away from me (full Doppler effect) at 10 miles. The radar didn't see them. Seems that especially the look-down capabilities suffered. And often enough the planes are not where the AWACS claimed to spot them,,, Since I don't know the radar of the Mirage 2000C well enough I cannot tell if it is "messed up" or just more realistic now. So maybe describing your problem and kindly asking if this is normal is a better approach than suspecting a "messed up" DLC right away
  4. More interesting will be the different behaviour while pulling 9g. In a lightweight configuration the Eurofighter can pull them until it's out of fuel. I.e. the plane may even get faster and tend to overshoot planes like the F-16. So now instead of releasing the stick to find and keep the speed with the max. sustained turnrate, you'll have to release the throttle... or climb / go vertical, of course. That's e.g. the reason why the EF in the anouncement trailer is beginning with lower altitude than the Jeff and at least keeps it's altitude while the Jeff has to descent to keep the turnrate as high as possible.
  5. Crashed Du mit hoher Geschwindigkeit in den Boden oder verlierst Du vielleichst zuviel Geschwindigkeit und knallst dann eher mit langsamer Geschwindigkeit auf dem Bauch auf ? Die Su-33 in dem Video verliert bei dem Manöver übrigens 1500+ m Höhe bei 6+ g, das sind fast 5000 Fuß. Von Deinen 6000 Fuß bleiben da ca. 1000 Fuß (= 300 m) übrig. Das ist nicht viel. Wenn Du die F-18 schwer belädst, zieht sie eventuell keine 6g und dann wird's schon sehr eng... Wie ist Deine Zuladung ?
  6. Had two C-701s falling short today. The second one was launched at 7.9 nm distance, 5000+ feet, 350+ knots. View on the target was not obstructed. Missile went into the ground like 100..200 m before the target. I've never experienced this before. It was hard to tell if the missiles went out of energy but AOA still looked low. Maybe they lost the target somehow. Both missiles were the second one launched out of two C-701s carried in the mission. Both had the red caret (target locked) when launched. Happened in multiplayer. Did anyone else notice this ?
  7. In Alpha you'll get everything you've seen in the announcement trailer (22. July): - Interceptor / air superiority fighter (shown from 0:59) - carrying 6 Meteors (1:31) and 2 IRIS-T (1:40, launched at 1:19, 1:38 and 1:54), stores page shown at 0:36 - german version (1:32) - Mauser BK27 gun, 150 rounds ammo (fired at 1:51) - 320 (!!?) chaff, 36 flares (only ?!), shown on store page - HMD (1:00) - unknown: decoys (2 shown on store page), MIDS operational ? No ground weapons except maybe the gun.
  8. Hi ! It recently occured at least two times that enemy planes flying at a lower altitude were not detected at all by the radar. They were flying towards me approx. 3000..6000 ft above ground while I've been at 20000+ ft. They flew at least 10 miles through my radar cone without me getting a single blip. Radar mode was HFR. I've never noticed this before, so it looks to me like there was a change in the patch (23. July) but there's nothing mentioned. Also interesting that friendly planes appeared on the radar, so the radar was on and active. Did anyone else notice this ?
  9. Created a mission and ILS is working. Landing waypoint is #4. The synthetic runway was displayed late but that's all. Beware that ILS is available on approach from east. What's not working for me in this mission is the ATC radio, frequencies 128.000 MHz or 251.700 MHz. Akrotiri.miz
  10. So far I had only one Caucasus MP server where the landing waypoint in one mission seems to be messed up now. Will try that later in single player since currently I have the Syria map activated.
  11. The behaviour being totally underpowered on Persian Gulf maps was a bug which is gone. One symptom was the engine RPM going up and down on idle throttle. That's not happening anymore, now engine control only oscillates a bit when you throttle up or down.
  12. 1) and 2) I've tested it shortly before I created this thread, gulf maps I retested later. And tested again now on the MP server with "your" loadout (2 RB-05, 2x RB-15, X-tank): Still not possible to fly on 100% mil with gear down. Strangely, the speed stayed at 300 kph for some time while AoA went up from 10° to 12° then it decreased further. After firing the 2 RB-15s I flew home relatively high (540 m) and the speed stayed at ca. 370 kph. So at least this time it was better after getting rid of some ordnance and fuel. But I assume also from outbaxx' reply that this is a somewhat normal behaviour then.
  13. Ok, thanks for the answer. But that means the Viggen will be in great trouble if the afterburner fails at take-off and also touch and go without AB may be hard, depending on the load. But AB shouldn't be so prone to failure, at least not in a sim. Concerning the Persian Gulf maps: I tried this again and it seems that is fixed. I remember that on maps with this problem the engine RPM was going up and down on idle RPM, obviously engine control had some problems on those maps. Not anymore...
  14. Temperature: +15°C QNH: 755 / 29.72 Altitude: 390 m (1280 feet) in case of 2)
  15. 1) Nosewheel steering On the ground, standing still. Best visualised in low light conditions with nosewheel lights on since they turn with the wheels: Apply some rudder pedals, then accelerate, keep rudder pedal input the same. Observed behaviour: Turn radius tightens with increasing speed. This makes no sense, should be vice versa or stay the same. 2) Rudder Causes tremendous roll rate. At 500 kph rudder roll cannot be countered by elevons anymore. Really ? 3) Rudder and nosewheel steering "harmony" A bit input on the rudder pedals causes a lot of rudder in flight and makes fine directional adjustments really hard. Rudder authority is way too high. On the other hand tuning down the pedal input to reduce rudder authority would cause the Viggen to not turn anymore at low taxiing speeds on the ground. Rudder/nosewheel steering of the Viggen is maybe the most inharmonious in DCS.
  16. Dear Heatblur, is this the realistic behaviour of the Viggen ? 1) Take-off without afterburner The Viggen can barely take-off with one external tank and 4 RB-74s. The landing gear has to be retracted immediately and the plane has to fly straight in a very, very shallow climb for some time to gain speed => Possible with light ordnance but not really feasible, afterburner needed. 2) Low-level flight with gear down Ordnance: 2 RB-15s, one external tank, 2 RB-74 Level flight on autopilot 390 m above sealevel Switched afterburner off after accelerating 700..800 kph. The plane loses speed and will finally crash. Repeated after firing the two RB-15s and emptying the external fueltank (without jettisoning it): same behaviour. => No level flight possible at low altitude without afterburner and with extended landing gear and some ordnance. 3) On some Persian Gulf maps, low level flight (below 500 m) Same as 2) but with landing gear up: plane slows down without afterburner => Basically the Viggen cannot fly low level without afterburner on some Persian Gulf maps, this is only possible at altitudes above roughly 1000m Update: Tried 3 Persian Gulf maps, didn't have this anymore. Military power of the RM8A is 64 kN. It's clear to me that delta wing aircraft need a lot of power because of the drag at high AoA but the Viggen has large wings and AoA at low speeds is still less than 10°. Seems to me that the landing gear causes a huge amount of drag but that seems to be not the only component (see Persian Gulf maps).
  17. That's for sure. There are aircraft with contradictions like the Viggen where you cannot tell if this possible but your gutfeeling already tells you that something is wrong. Flying 1600 kph all time but not having enough thrust to fly level with some ordnance and gear down on 100% military is such a contradiction. On some Persian Gulf maps I couldn't even keep the speed at low level and 100% military with gear up and the same loadout. You need to climb to like 1000+m to be able to fly on just military. Don't know if that's realistic. Ah yes, I forgot the Viggen was never build for low level flight, sorry
  18. General hint for 2.7: The direction of the runway used by ILS is in the CP/PD setting of the landing waypoint. It's set automatically depending on the previous waypoint, i.e. the last waypoint before the landing waypoint. So when ILS makes you turn away then likely the ILS expects you to land from the opposite direction because the previous waypoint is somewhere on that side. In this case you have to set CP/PD to the opposite direction (=add or subtract 180 degrees). So check CP/PD to fit your approach and enjoy (almost) autolanding...
  19. Exactly. AIM-9L: - max. speed: Mach 2 - max. range 17.7 km Matra R.550 Magic II: - max. speed: Mach 3.5+ - max. range: 20 km PL-5E: - max. speed: Mach 2.5 - max. range: 16..18 km All have so-called "all-aspect" IR seekers. All data from the same reliable (*cough*) and famous western-oriented source What's to be investigated is e.g. the behaviour to lock onto targets far outside range and then loose the lock until the target is reaquired at a much shorter range. This doesn't make sense to me...
  20. I've read that in case of the AMRAAM the range to activate the seeker in case of small (=small RCS) targets is 5 km. So obviously this setting is used to: - increase the probabilty that the missile locks onto the correct / intended target (setting = small) - increase the probability that the missile locks onto the target at all (stealth target, small setting) - reduce the time until the missile seeker is activated (targets with large RCS / only enemies in the target area, setting = large). Otherwise the seeker activation range could always be 5 km Another possibilty to increase precision would be to still guide the missile via datalink after the seeker has been activated (in case it's not able to lock it immediately).
  21. This. But in case of the "Chinese New Year" livery (which is very nice) let the canopy fog once
  22. Oh, that's why... just looked if someone reported this already.
  23. Lynnux

    M-2000C WIP

    Thanks for that info. Has this been changed in 2.7 or already earlier ?
  24. Lynnux

    M-2000C WIP

    Hmm,I tried several times now to drop low drag MK82s in CCRP mode with IP and offset point without updating the IP manually via the diamond, just flying over the IP. Older videos show that at the moment the plane flies over the IP, the offset point is selected as target and the "wings" are appearing on the HUD. The wings never appeared in my case so far, the bombs cannot be dropped. The wings only appear after I've updated the IP manually (which I don't want to do as already mentioned above). Can someone confirm that this is still working or broken in 2.7 ? Tried this the first time since the Mirage is relatively new in my inventory. What I did: - Added a new waypoint for the IP (lat/long/alt). Select waypoint (DEST). - Added the offset point (BAD) for this waypoint (range/bearing/alt difference) but never switched BAD on on the PCN - Master arm on - Bombs selected on PCA - Bomb settings set - PI selected on PCA - optional: enable radar alt measurement and set RS on PCA (makes no difference) - switch to A/G mode within 1 nm to the IP or already before (makes no difference)
  25. With the recent autostart fix, ALCM is started early and you can choose the loadout and equip the plane in the meantime. The whole autostart doesn't take much longer than the ALCM alignment then, this is great.
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