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  1. Finally had time to launch DCS again... Remark: If the plane doesn't land on the runway, the replay will be broken. In my case only the 3rd replay I watched was ok. Once the chute doesn't deploy it won't deploy anymore thereafter in my case, so I stopped the mission after the first occurence. NoChute.trk
  2. Track has 97MB. I have to find a way to upload it...
  3. Likely your licenses for DCS are still stored somewhere on your first laptop and prevent your brother to play DCS on the same server. So best contact the support. I'm pretty sure they don't want to tell you here how to solve that
  4. In the first attempts "accelerate -> chute -> rearm -> accelerate -> chute -> rearm..." I didn't switch the engine off during rearm and the chute deployed afterwards. On later attempts "shutdown engine and power -> rearm -> restart -> accelerate -> NO CHUTE" and "full shutdown -> repair -> NO REPAIR -> rearm -> accelerate -> NO CHUTE" I switched off engine and power it still didn't deploy. So replenishing the chute during rearm seems to be unrelated to engine on/off. The cause seems to be more something like the unloaded undercarriage
  5. Why is this fixed ? Just tested on multiplayer: accelerate -> chute -> rearm -> accelerate -> chute -> rearm -> take-off -> landing -> NO CHUTE -> rearm -> accelerate -> NO CHUTE -> rearm (using COM1 instead of "#")-> accelerate -> NO CHUTE -> shutdown engine and power -> rearm -> restart -> accelerate -> NO CHUTE -> shutdown engine and power -> repair -> NO REPAIR (despite crew answered "Copy!", 180 seconds timout doesn't start) -> full shutdown -> repair -> NO REPAIR -> rearm -> accelerate -> NO CHUTE
  6. So gravity will pull the flaps down while airflow will push them up. That's physics. So would they really extend fully when already in flight ? Would make sense if they would extend on their own at low speeds. But e.g. at 400 knots ?
  7. Had the same problem once with a module. Had to contact the support.
  8. The chute is still not replaced via rearm, that's for sure.
  9. In freeflight I still didn't manage to get COO working. With the datalink pod the missile is not flying circles anymore but it just flies straight after launch and doesn't follow the waypoints. I created the waypoints on the F10 map (multiplayer server) and they were loaded into the plane (waypoints 30 and 31 and target waypoint 36). The missile could be controlled via datalink. So this looked more like direct mode to me. Anything else to consider or is COO bugged ?
  10. While the Jeff is easy to fly and the attitude is kept pretty stable (maybe most stable of all aircraft in DCS), tanking and A2A with guns reveals that some systems (fly by wire, engines, gun reticle) are reacting slower than in other planes. This often causes too much input from the pilot and you'll begin "pilot induced oscillations". That is especially true for the pitch during AAR since it's also sensitive. The roll you encountered in the Hornet was likely from wake vortices, the Jeff is somehow not affected by this. That's maybe on the other hand a nice advantage of the fl
  11. Same here, UEFI dual boot is messed up now. Maybe best to be fixed" in Linux by switching the timebase of the RTC to local time. Look for "timedatectl". You can also switch Windows timebase to UTC via the registry instead. In both cases, some programs may have problems expecting the RTC timebase to be the original one. But I expect Windows programs to have more trouble with that switch. Maybe even DCS won't work with that switching, didn't try. So no thanks from me implementing licenses this way, sorry ! But thanks for helping to make dual boot work better on UEFI systems
  12. I don't know why there's so much discussion about what's clearly a bug: 1. Front bumper is undampened and even builds up energy on every bump even without the plane braking = perpetuum mobile, not possible in reality. Where should this huge amount of energy the bumper is building up come from ? 2. The MiG 29 was designed to land on unpaved runways. What do you think would happen in DCS when the plane goes over a bump which lifts the nosewheel by 0.5m. Yes, it would end up vertical, see 1 above. Noone can show a video of real MiG 29 with this behaviour like it's modelled in DCS currently a
  13. I only used the cartridge with my own waypoints so far. Tried autogenerated cartridges and they work in MP. But they are not generated for every enemy group. There are also cartridges from ELINT (SAM recon) runs, but unfortunately they don't seem to work. Only got the default flight plan when choosing one.
  14. Yes, to be more accurate: it does image processing of the IR image of the target. It's not only looking at the engine exhaust or heat dissipation of the engines anymore but the whole shape of the plane. That's why they are not distracted by flares anymore unless the flare is obstructing the whole plane for some time (possible but very unlikely). Also the missile won't switch to another plane crossing the target with a different attitude. The database is used to tell the weak spot from different angles. Guess where one (or the) weak spot is... Btw. radar absorbing (not reflecting) materials
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