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  1. Thanks for the files. We will take a look and compare to our testing.
  2. It should be in the stable as it was released awhile ago. I assume you used your airbrakes to slow down - just want to confirm. We will retest and see if we can reproduce it.
  3. Sorry no ETAs to provide at this time but here is a current breakdown on status: F-15C Basic Flight Training Qualification, - Development complete - doing final testing and screenshots. F-15C Aggressors Air Combat Maneuvering, - Development complete - doing final testing and screenshots. F-5E Aggressors Red Flag - Last mission still under development - final testing and screenshots still required. FA-18C Aggressors Air Combat Maneuvering - Development complete - doing final testing, awaiting teaser video and screenshots. We intend to do BFM, ACM and Red Flag campaigns for the F-16C Aggressors as well but have not started on those yet. We do want to replace the voice overs to give that series a slightly different experience. Please watch our blog for updates: https://mapleflagmissions.blogspot.com/
  4. These issues were fixed in the updated campaign with the new voice overs unless it's a new bug. Can you elaborate on the specific issue and include a trk file or better explanation of the specific problem you are experiencing?
  5. When the FA-18C was first released if you put it in the mission as a RED force (OPFOR) unit then the navigation wouldn't align and you had to do the manual alignment. ED indicated this was because OPFOR aircraft did not have the capability so we included the manual instructions to do that. Since then they added an optional feature in the GamePlay Settings Menu called Unrestricted SATNAV When selected this would override any RED force NAV alignment issues allowing the FA-18C NAV system to align properly as per the FA-18C normal startup procedure. We haven't tested the option in a long time but you could check your setting and see if enabling or disabling Unrestricted SATNAV impacts the way the FA-18C NAV alignment works when flying as a RED force unit. The AI is still wonky in the game engine so we had to force the wingman to take off prior to the player and his comment that you should follow him when ready means for you to follow him once you are fully spooled up and ready to taxi. It's not to be confused with the READY F10 menu item which is used to indicate to the Tactical Controller that you are ready for the dogfight engagement. Let us know if you encounter any other issues. We haven't had time to test this fully in the latest 2.7 release but we expect it should work as designed.
  6. We haven't tested it specifically but the missions should still play as expected. If you encounter any problems please report and we will investigate and correct it.
  7. We have it on good authority (I'll have to dig up that thread reference) that actual A-10 pilots never touch their altimeter and leave it at 2992 for the duration of their flight. That being said the altitude triggers are based on that notion so if you leave it at 2992 and instructions say to fly at Angels 8 then your altimeter should read 8,000. Also the practice missions start in the air with the altimeter set to 2992 so you won't have to adjust anything until you want to land. As an fyi at Nellis AFB you actually can't adjust the altimeter to zero on the tarmac because the starting elevation is too high.
  8. Likely some recent game engine updates changed the JTAC performance. The practice and campaign missions should play identically with respect to the JTAC and targeting actions. Is this with the A-10C or A-10C II module?
  9. Yes we have added a TTQ campaign for the A-10C II module and it should be available in the next patch update.
  10. Good news! The AI Taxi bug has been corrected in the latest nightly build. We won't have to do a workaround or change our mission after all. Thanks ED! Hopefully it shows up in a patch release soon.
  11. Yes once the updated missions are submitted to ED they should be available to the different releases via the patch update.
  12. Check for any MODS installed. Sometimes they can cause missions to not play as expected. Does the same thing happen in the practice mission? This has an in-air start so you get to the range quicker and the triggers are the same for both missions though I think you are past WP1 with the practice mission start point. We will retest to see if we can reproduce it.
  13. Yep looks like it's a new bug as it is also happening in the nightly build. I think I can workaround it by having the planes take off directly from the runway. We can also get it back to a ramp start once ED fixes the taxi problem.
  14. Sounds like a new bug. We will retest and see if we can reproduce it. I know some of the other campaign builders have indicated issues with AI ramp starts in some of their missions too.
  15. I wonder if it's related to the previous failures occurring before the MR is started. Previously we had added stores to the wings as some had reported more stable flight with the stores mounted. We will do some more testing to see if we can isolate the issue but it's likely not something in the mission itself as the game engine controls the flaps and flight dynamics. The mission will end with a sufficient score to continue the campaign (even if you failed the mission). This is to resolve issues where users would get stuck on a mission and give up on the campaign because they couldn't get past the one mission.
  16. We submitted updated mission files to ED to remove the triggers that were failing. They should be in the next patch update whenever that is. Please continue to report any problems you find and if we can fix or workaround them we will.
  17. Given that many players are having problems with this particular trigger we will see if we can remove it. It's only a short turn so I don't think it will cause too much impact to the overall mission rating. This will also future proof it if ED changes the wind or weather dynamics again.
  18. Ok we will test it again as I was certain we adjusted the triggers to provide a larger range before terminating for speed. Did this happen in both the practice and qual missions?
  19. Yes as per the briefing you do have to kill all the identified targets. You do need to kill some of the targets with the rockets but when strafing use very short 3 second bursts to conserve ammo. We will consider adding a "Winchester" call as that makes sense and we can end the mission at that point.
  20. I know this can be frustrating for users but hopefully each change makes it better and less impacting when ED changes something. Please continue to report issues and we will do our best to get them corrected.
  21. Yes the windows were tight given the change in the weather conditions which affected the airspeed. They should be fixed in the next patch as we did tweak them to make them more generous before triggering a failure.
  22. We have a number of campaigns in the queue right now so once we get through that pile we can take a look at the docs and see what we can do to update them to new specs.
  23. The timer starts in the same trigger as when the dialogue is heard but I think we add 10 seconds for the dialogue so you could try and get to the waypoint by 5 mins and 10 secs and you should be good. Arriving before that we would consider it early. Try that and see if it's ok or not.
  24. Once you get back to India you need to issue the "Ready" command via F10 menu to get the next engagement started. This tells the controllers that you are ready for the next engagement. You should see the Ready command appear in the F10 menu when you are a within a couple of nautical miles from the waypoint.
  25. It could be something changed in the game engine recently as we thought we had set the limits correctly and didn't see this in our testing. Usually you get a warning for speed violation first and get terminated if you violate the limit a 2nd time but from what you have said your speed didn't go above the limit so not sure why it would terminate you. Please post a trk file if it happens again and we can investigate further.
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