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  1. Loving it so far! Been strafing trains all day as I get used to the flight model.
  2. I assume it's pretty close since they finally created a subforum...but what are we talkin here? A week? Two weeks? A month? All these damn early access videos are killin me.
  4. Any chance we can get this sweet skin added to the default liveries list? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309538/ (Century Series #1 by MacadamCow) I hate flying multiplayer knowing that other people can't see how goddamn gorgeous my Viper is! :music_whistling: :joystick:
  5. I already have shelved DCS for now. Have been spending endless hours in the skies of Il-2 and Xplane. I tried flying DCS last night for a few, but it was a waste of time. Not only do I get CTDs regularly, but my game hangs for 30 seconds to minutes at a time. And in some cases, when it resumes, I'm dead. Also, I had to delete a version of DCS to make room on my hard drive, and I chose to delete stable. For a couple of reasons: 1. It's not very stable itself 2. Why would I fly a version that's missing many key features for many of my aircraft...as well as entire aircraft! Some of the mod
  6. I think y'all missing the point of the OP. Modules are being repaired, updated, improved, and released from EA (like the Anton)...but only for the OB. As in, many of the newest features and improvements are not available in Stable. Or even entire aircraft, like the JF-17. Yet when the OB breaks (it's unplayable for me right now, so I have been playing Il-2) we're told, "Well, it's the Beta, if you don't want bugs, play Stable." Which is great, except the plane I paid money for isn't available in Stable. Or it's broken in stable. Or it's lacking features in stable. Ideally, each indivi
  7. Um... That would be a hell-to-the-no! from me. There's no effin way I'd stick around if this was subscription. Save that stupid crap for World of Warcraft....
  8. The I-16 is one of my favorite aircraft to fly in this sim. Fly it every single day on the AO server. I never missed the kneeboard because I never use them, in any of the planes I fly. As for the radio, it would be nice, maybe, but the radios in all the WWII aircraft suck and are practically useless online. It's also a lot of fun in combat scenarios because nothing else can keep up with it in a tight turn. I've had guys drop out of the sky behind me trying to do just that, which is just as exhilarating, to me, as a kill with guns. That said, this is a fantastic module and a fun aircr
  9. I'd love the T-6 Texan II! (Here, take my money!) It would actually be a unique aircraft in this sim: there aren't any other turboprops. I second the A-6 Intruder. Would love that. Never head of the Fiat G91 or the Panavia Tornado GR4, but they look awesome.
  10. Came here to report this. I get around 100 fps ordinarily...until I turn on the radar, then it drops significantly (as low as 15) but becomes pretty much unplayable at that point. It's like looking at a flipbook animation. Makes me nauseous.
  11. Okay. I see. Just tested this. So the key mappings for "Smoke Apparatus OFF" and "Smoke Apparatus ON" do work to turn smoke on and off. It's just the "Smoke Apparatus, toggle" command that's stuck. Turns it on, as @cgjunk2 says, but doesn't turn it back off. Hitting the "Smoke Apparatus OFF" key mapping, however, does indeed turn it off again. Thanks for the headsup, @cgjunk2 . Since I relied on the toggle, I forgot those other options even existed. So shorter version: Toggle no longer toggles.
  12. Let me know if you need anything else or want me to do something differently in the track.
  13. Hi @BIGNEWY Here's a track (if I've attached it correctly). I just created a quick mission and tried to access comms both before and after start, and while in the air. In the middle of it, I bound the commands for smoke and comms to different buttons, but I don't know if you'll be able to see that in the track. (I have no idea how much information is saved, lol.) The smoke button gets stuck right away in this clip, but at other times, I can toggle it on and off for a while before the button gets stuck. Throughout the track, I am trying both HOTAS bindings and keyboard commands to try to
  14. Hi, Yes, just using easy comms. I can't bring up the menu at all to interact with ATC, Ground Crew, etc. The default " \ " key doesn't work and I've tried mapping it to other keys, as well as HOTAS. All of the other aircraft (at least the ones I own) seem to be fine. And the smoke getting stuck in the on position is the same. Tried mapping different HOTAS buttons and keyboard commands, but nothing works once it's stuck. (The first time, I thought maybe it wasn't the smoke system at all, but that I'd inadvertently fried my engine...so I landed, thinking I could check to see if the ground
  15. Two Yak bugs I've encountered in latest version of Open Beta: 1. Can't access the comms menu. 2. Smoke gets stuck on.
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