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  1. very impressive.. i'm looking forward to fly this thing ;-)
  2. I made good experiences with the Omega driver set. Grab them at: http://omegadrivers.net/
  3. Same here... I won't by the boxed version... not for that price. 35$ for the downloadable version is ok!!!
  4. so.. what happens to the money now! It is at Paypal now... I don't use Paypal. Don't know for what! I made the Paypal account only for FC :-(
  5. I read the posting :-( But what shall I do with the money at Paypal now? Or does Paypal transfer the money back to me? I made this Paypal account extra for buying FC. No need for paypal otherwise.
  6. Hi, my money arrived at Paypal this morning. As I checked my paypal acc I realized that the Transaction has been aborted. What happens with the money now? The money is at Paypal now. Please ED... get the money from there and enable my download!
  7. The transaction is not pending anymore. Paypal says that you canceled the transaction. Is that right? Why? I also saw on the Lockon.ru website that FC is not buyable anymore. My money is now at Paypal! I hope you can enable the download for me.
  8. Hi, I tried purchasing LOMAC FC three times. Everytime I get the following message after finishing my paypal transaction. --- Transaction FAILED!! Payment Error! Please, contact administration webmaster@lockon.ru --- Please enable my download!! Paypal Transaction nr. from my last attempt: E1VFTFQUGWCM832 Item ID: .4a884f11b0a39ee5b0b8588429c2539f_202bab497af416b99c25d44bebc59240 Please cancel the other two transaction. I only need one copy of FC 1.1.
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