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  1. Gotcha. Seems sensible. By the way, would LOVE to see a Tornado module! Zipping along a runway dropping the JP233, or intercepts with F3 would be awesome. That and maybe a Sea Harrier FRS.1...and a Buccaneer. Maybe a Typhoon. Oh, and a RN Phantom ;)
  2. So I’ve been having fun with the Frog and FC3 modules, and am considering my first hi-fidelity model. I don’t seem to be much of a dogfighter at heart although I don’t mind a little air combat. I’m thinking Harrier or Mig 21 for a first purchase. Regarding the nukes, is there something of an assumed rule in the servers that they’re not really used for CAS and ground attack etc? I mean in theory all it would take is one reasonably well-placed among the ground targets, and its back home for tea and medals! Going to crack on with a little more single player to sharpen up before I join the severs
  3. All running like a peach thanks to a couple of legends on here checking my crash logs and spotting one obvious flaw with my setup...I’d plugged the monitor into the motherboard and not the graphics card. Told you I was a noob! :) Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions.
  4. Brilliant, looks like that’s done the trick guys. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. Now....to the skies!!!
  5. Oh my, is it really that simple? I was looking at this: https://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/force-app-to-use-dedicated-gpu-windows/ From memory I don’t know if the back of the PC actually has 2x VGA slots (it definitely doesn’t have any HDMI slots). Hopefully it does and this will all be sorted for tonight. Thanks guys, you’re amazing.
  6. Great, thank you. I’m sorry I have to ask, but how do I rectify this?
  7. Ok so here's the logs that I have, hopefully they might be of some help. I'm just updating Windows, and will then follow the advice in the signature. Thanks again. dcs.log-20200109-201757.zip dcs.log-20200110-231904.zip dcs.log-20200110-232039.zip dcs.log-20200111-143044.zip dcs.log-20200111-143150.zip dcs.log-20200112-001706.zip dcs.log-20200112-013254.zip dcs.log-20200112-013458.zip dcs.log-20200112-015251.zip dcs.log-20200112-214855.zip dcs.log-20200113-233732.zip dcs.log-20200114-204244.zip
  8. Should have said, I’m also useless with computers! How do I do that? I only have the Nvidia one installed on the desktop...thanks.
  9. I’m in surgery (working, not the patient) all day but as soon as s I get home I’ll do just that. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys. So, I’ve had DCS installed for about a week, and I am in love with it. However, I seem to be having issues with constant crashing & freezing. I’m flying the SU25 only, and haven’t added any mods. Most often either a) when I’ve flown miles to a target area, then when there more vehicles around it freezes/crashes, or b) when following launched weapons in F6 view. Another issue is that with WATER set to anything other than LOW, I get total screen whiteout from the glare. My rig is newly built, and the builders (wired2fire) assure it should be more than capable of running DCS.
  11. Hold that thought...could it have anything to do with the fact that I just noticed that I hadn’t activated Windows?! Watch this space
  12. Thanks dude. Trying to tweak the settings first.
  13. https://wired2fire.co.uk/product/sim-x-hornet/#configuration Good service, however it does seem that I’m having crash/stutter issues with DCS :( Everything else seems more the sufficient for the job, so I suspect it’s the motherboard as I was advised on here. Should have listened!
  14. Will do! Don’t think I’ll have too much trouble getting the Frog airborne, and ground-pounding should be alright once I’ve sorted the HOTAS. Once I can land her consistently I’ll be in touch :)
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