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  1. Two links https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=279419 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=273195
  2. I have this problem, the bindings change for no reason when the throttle is at different positions, i will have a look at the cable's to see if anything is going on there but the bindings change to the same set of bindings every time it happens so i doubt that a pinched cable would be responsible for that
  3. Hi just an update, have found target and uninstalled it i have never used it and everything seems to run ok without it. I have noticed that this is related to the throttle position, have noticed another thread regarding this so will get reading there
  4. Hi thanks for the response. I don’t actually know what target is to be honest I assume it’s to do with programing and calibrating in windows so I will take a look, I just plug and play normally. Quickly reading your link did give me a clue though, I didn’t mention because I thought it a different problem but my MFD’s are sometimes the wrong way around, in the F18 for instance, if I click the top left MFD buttons this will control the right hand MFD in game, when I set them up they worked fine . As this is TM too I think there is a problem with the TM software and not DCS so will take a look when I get time. Thanks for all the help though, I will post my findings as soon as I know
  5. As in the title the bindings change on the throttle, I think it's mainly the hat switches. Everything seems ok to start with all switches work ok, then during flight the bindings change for no reason, if i use a hat switch to go to an external view for instance it will put the air brake on, the air brake switch doesn't do anything now and i can't get the air brake off. This is one of many problems i get with the switch bindings it's as if all the swiches change from what i have set them to then change back without reason. I have had this problem in the past but it seemed to clear itself but now it's back. Does anybody have a fix for this? Is it a problem only with DCS, i don't use it for anything else so can't test it out. Thanks in advance for any help with this
  6. johnco61

    VR pilot body

    Why doesn’t anyone answer this simple question?
  7. Yes I find this a bit iffy, ED say we haven't included the vr update because it broke and needs fixing, now apparently it has been released? Seems to me they are taking advantage of some reporting a vast improvement rather than fix the issue. Why spend time and money fixing something that so many people are saying has already been done?
  8. Just download the Caucasus map it's free and a great map, the best in my opinion
  9. Are you saying that you need Oculus home running in the background to get image in the HMD? If so that's no difference to the CV1. I've also had a problem with my CV1 left hand touch controller not turning off and draining down the battery since I first had them, apparently this is a common fault, I just remove the battery
  10. If ASW1 works with DCS then surely ASW2 is just an update to ASW1 and would still work?
  11. Taping only works to prevent this problem from occurring, if you have lost the sound then the ribbon is damaged, the HMD will need replacing or just use your own earphones
  12. I had the right side fail twice and had the rift replaced both times, I must say they were very good about it, I have also fixed the right hand side to stop this happening again
  13. What do you guys mean when you say stuttering? I have an up to date version of DCS and when I get into the cockpit with the rift I get really bad stuttering as I move my head around. It's like a blurry mess that seems too occur as I'm moving my head, is this what you mean? I don't know if it clears up as I quit out as soon as this happens as it makes me feel sick. Some times it doesn't start until I've taken off but that's very rare, and once only I managed a hole mission without it happening. The funny thing is I have an older version installed, from about three months ago that runs fine so I keep going back to that. This is going to be a Problem for me when the F14 comes along that I've paid for and I can't fly!!
  14. OK, thanks for that just wondered, good tip on allowing it time to load, it would probably make most think that the sim had crashed it takes that long!!
  15. I see this a lot on this forum, what does this actually do when you delete these files and when and how often do you need to do this?
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