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  1. Sorry it seems that I actually reported 2 bugs in the same post. But is the ATC display logic on the HUD correct? In the sim it will only flash when ATC is disengaged,but not when an unsuccessful engagement of ATC is attempted. If you try to engage ATC without a suitable condition (ie :try to engage ATC with 2 throttle levers at different positions,or try to engage ATC with FECS channel 2 or 4 circuit breaker pulled),the ATC engagement will not be successful,but the ATC display on the HUD will not show up and flash in these conditions.
  2. With MC1 off ,the DDI SA option should not be available on DDI TAC MENU,but it is still there, you can enter SA page in the sim but after that,you can't leave that page by pressing "MENU" DDI pushbutton again, unless you turn MC1 back online. DDI SA.trk
  3. In the sim,after landing gear door have been blown away , the gear doors are gone and the actuators of them stay in the open position. So I think that if you overspeed the gear doors and then retract the gears,the landing gear warning lights on the gear handle should stay on due to lack of gear door close signal,and thus trigger the landing gear aural tone after 15 seconds,which is also a good way to tell people the gear doors have been damaged without switching to outside view. But right now the landing gear warning lights won't lit with up and locked gears and missing gear door
  4. Track uploaded,sorry for missing it. FPAS climb.trk
  5. Track uploaded,sorry for missing it. At start of the track I turned on the ATC, and changed the flap switch to different positions,but the ATC didn't disengage. Then i pulled out the FECS channel 2 circuit breaker,which will prevent ATC from going active,and then I used throttle button to turn the ATC on,which in theory should trigger a 10 second flashing ATC symbol on the HUD,but it didn't happen. ATC logic.trk
  6. As title says..... from NATOPS manual: If I understand it correctly,the Climb Pushbutton on the FPAS page WILL be removed from FPAS page when master mode is not in NAV,but will NOT be removed when HUD reject switch is out of normal position. But now in our sim it works inverted,it is not removed when master mode is not in NAV,but do be removed when HUD rejection is selected. It's just a small detail actually.....just write it out in case of I forget it one day
  7. 3 years has passed,this problem is still there. Has any DEV noticed this And if I understand it correctly,besides the current range and endurance values being replaced by "Mach" and "LIM", some others values on the FPAS page should Xd out when flying above M0.9.(such as home waypoint number)
  8. I'm not sure if they are bugs or some avionics differences IRL,but right now they seems work differently from the NATOPS manual I have. In the manual about ATC ,it says: "If either mode does not engage when selected, or automatically disengages after engagement, the ATC display flashes for 10 seconds and is then removed from the HUD." But in the sim it will only flash on ATC disengagement, the "mode does not engage when selected" part is not true in the sim. And also in the manual about ATC:"When either mode is engaged, changing the FLAP switch between AUTO and H
  9. The IFF mode4 code control knob on the Huey also seems to be working oddly
  10. same thing also happens when the formation lights are turned on :(
  11. Had a flight in the same mission yesterday before the 2.5.6 update. Nothing was like this after the update :(
  12. I will vote for a helicopter used by PLAN to work together with those destoryers . > < like Z-8 and Z-9 Sikorsky S-70 which is still in service in China is also a good choice > < Or how about AG600 It will be an aircraft with super unique design in DCS(I’m thinking about peach XD)
  13. Thanks for the help. I'm 100% sure I switched it to off. :doh: switch to DF will trigger the flag,since there in no singal for it ,but the flag will disappear after switch the radio from DF back to TR. what troubles me is the flag won't disappear if you swich the radio from TR to Off,then back to TR by the way I also notice that the flag comes together with the FM homing light below the HSI,which remains on even I have turned off all the radios
  14. Thanks for the help :D It will be tirggered with PTR switch both in ABLE and STOW, and after that the flag will stay at that position no matter where the PTR switch is positioned. until you turn any radio to ADF and then turn it back It's quite annoying when you have landed,repaired your aircrat, taken off again,but only to find out your course bank steering bar not working anymore:doh:
  15. Recently I noticed that after swiching AN/ARC-186(V) VHF radio from TR to OFF(when shuting down the aircraft),the ADI warning flag will show up,and stay on forever after that. And I just did a few tests,using default Take Off Training Mission.This only happens when switching the AN/ARC-186(V) radio to off, turning off other radios won't trigger it. And after the warning flag shows up,the only way to restore the warning flag is to switch any raido to DF/ADF and back to TR I'm not sure if it is a bug or it is something I missed in the manual,since the warning flag is also
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