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  1. Problem solved, Not a bug!!! Sorry I bothered issue solved.
  2. Here I made clip with laser guided bombs. I think I do everything correctly but weapon release button just doesn't work without modifier? By the way Jdams and Mavericks work just fine single button!
  3. It seems when I add modifier weapon release button work just fine.
  4. I have try to hold it about 3-5 second before release, but when I realese it nothing happens? It actually release bombs quick push after I have done previous. Maybe I should try to map realease button differently but not sure does that work either. Anyway I try to test it when I have time.
  5. I use T flight hotas and I have strange issue when realesing bombs. When I push and release weapon realese button with ccip or auto mode it doesn't release bombs like it does ralt-space. I have to actually double click flight stick realese button before it do anything?
  6. I just wonder how pilot usually name this waypoints and how to set them differently to the target areas or flight routes? I usually just mark the targets but if I play this missions with friend, I would like to make them more clear!
  7. I like building different kind of missions in editor and test stuff, but I like to know more how to set waypoints and how those are named in different type of missions?
  8. I fly Hornet and i just loaded the Supercarrier but I have a problem what comes to landing with a wingman! Before landing when I give a kiss off command the wingman seems to end up in the sea and can't start landing?!? Is there any way to make the wingman land sensibly?
  9. Yes it seems if i do STT lock less than 20 miles it marks target as hostile without donors and i don't know is it NTCR or can NTCR recognize them without the STT automaticly? Anyway earlier system was so simple to use, but if this is more realistic then fine.
  10. Damn i studied little bit more and seems i need doners now! So only way now is to recognize target without doners is STT lock right?
  11. I haven't play hornet for some time so i have issues with this new AA radar and old one because if i remember correctly radar and iff used to recognize targets without issues but now i able to only recognize targets less than 20 miles away and only if i do STT lock i get HAFU symbols. Also new radar seems to not work at all, i try auto functions but nothing happens and S&T fuction also only work less than 20 miles away! I also made this clip which i just try to recognize cargo plane, so if anyone can advise did i do just some noob error or is this really some issue in game? By the way sorr
  12. Hornet air to air radar doesn't recognize any targets some reason after i loaded the new version. I have try several head on approach but even i try everything radar just don't recognize anything and hafu symbols not appear at all?
  13. After landing carrier or airfield and starting shutdown procedure I always get FCS warning and crossed sub systems FCS page same as start up process but I get this warning sometimes different order like just after I shutdown first (left) engine or sometimes when I shutdown last (right) engine ? It seems I get this warning right after I shutdown first engine if I forget some procedure, example turn off NWS! So did I do something wrong, incorrectly or does this just always happens random order?
  14. This kind of small issue but Georgia map and Batumi airfield Taxi/Runway holding position (either taxiways) when you stop and try to ask clearance to take off the ATC doesn't respond until you actually pass this point.
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