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  1. Strangely, I’ve had a performance boost. Previously my GPU would overload immediately I loaded the Persian Gulf module (fps would drop to 13 and gpu stream in fpsVR solid red), where as now I’m able to fly the F15/16/18 unencumbered. It’s all free flight single player as I’m a noob, but it has improved it for me. Here are my settings if it helps...
  2. Yep... I had to switch off the virus protection, perform a repair and then launch.... I just had to remember to switch on the virus protection when I finished. I couldn't whitelist the file...
  3. I had to switch off my virus protection... Then go to the Eagle Dynamics Folder and Repair... Then run it after the repair and it worked. I just had to remember to switch the Virus Protection back on after i finished playing.
  4. PD i have set at 1.0 I think the flyVR panel says 100% SS. Annoyingly, the overlay on the computer screen has now disappeared and i cant get it back
  5. Sorry for the crap quality. I have prescription lenses in place but hopefully you can see the state of the feedback from fpsVR
  6. Sorry for the image quality but I have prescription lenses in the HMD...
  7. Hi Draconus, thanks for the link. All that did was switch off the HMD so I’ve had to re-enable it. I do have DCS selected in the NVidia control panel, as per the second video. I’ll see if I can figure out how to add screenshots and I’ll send a pic taken through the lens of the HMD.
  8. No, i start PG in free flight in the F-16 and i get a massive GPU overload as soon as i select cockpit view... Its not 100% but its at least 80% of the time i would say...
  9. hI ROBGRAHAM... Im new to Windows.. so have no idea what that means sadly. I have noticed that the problem is in VR and not 2D...
  10. Hi Draconus MSAA and SSAA are off. The problem doesn’t raise its head in Caucus. To really push it, I fly ultra low and fast over the forest areas in caucus and occasionally the FOS drops to around and the frame time raises to mid 20’s with red spikes being seen in the progress bar. But in the PG the frame time goes above 200.
  11. Hi, I suspect this is a complete noobs question, but in the Persian Gulf and Nevada, whenever I hit fly and press F2 to move to the cockpit, the CPU and GPU frametimes jump to more than 100 and then the GPU stays constantly in the red whilst the frame rates drop to 12-13 and the whole experience becomes quite awful. I've got a pretty well spec'd machine and the temps of the CPU and GPU temps rarely, if ever, go above 80 degrees. I don't know how to take in cockpit video so I can't really share what I'm seeing here. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. FB
  12. Hi, Is this happening to anyone else? OIn every occasion now, if I load the Persian Gulf scenery, within 10-20 seconds on fpsvr, the GPU goes solid red and I only get 11 FPS, with unmanageable flickering... and so I have to shut it down. I've even reinstalled the PG module but no changes. Anyone else had the same thing?
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