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  1. Wow, I am loving this conversation, thanks guys, there's a lot of valuable information there! I think that as advised, it's best that I do start at the lowest settings with a closely comparable hardware setup to mine (which there seem to be a few of in this thread) to get a good baseline... Same settings, same map/mission and compare our results before making a determination on the best way forward. Thanks again to all of you for engaging in this discussion!
  2. Hi stuartaston, I definitely haven't installed Skype on this recent installation of Windows 10 (certainly not manually anyways). Looking through my Task Manager I did not see it running as a process either.
  3. Thanks guys! I will reduce everything to pretty much barebones as suggested to see if I can get the 90/45 FPS and sub-11ms frametime. I will kill as many resource hogging tasks as possible make the changes a couple at a time. I will also re-enable hyper threading as suggested. @Gunnars Driver I agree with the shaders mod, it's a lot of work for minimal gain which needs to be redone with each update. I had a bit of a run with the game last night (I spent all this time lowering settings and chasing FPS and frametiems without actually checking what the game looks like when I put on the
  4. Thanks @Gunnars Driver! I reverted to 2.5.5 a few posts ago, I believe it has made significant improvement to my FPS and frametime in doing just that alone. For info, this is what I have done so far: Implement shdwp’s recommendations: •Reduce visibility range to Medium - (post #2) •Set shadows to Mid - (post #2) •Set Terrain object shadows - (post #2) Implement stuartaston’s recommendations: •Copy stuartson’s personal settings - (post #4) •Disable hyper threading in BIOS - (post #4) •Revert to 2.5.5 - (post #4) •Set processor affinity to physical cores (6 and 7 as per SkateZ
  5. Thanks jalfrezi, that seems to be consistent with the results I got... Does this mean that this setup is as much I can get out of my system?
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I used Project Lasso to set the core affinity to 1, 3, 5, and 7 and found no noticeable difference between affinity set to all cores. Out of curiosity I then changed it to 0,2,4,6 and found the same... Should there have been at least some difference one way or the other??
  7. Hi mate, thanks for the info! Out of curiosity, what is the third core required for by DCS? I understand by previous posts that one core is for the game and the other for the sound. Also, I did a bit of googling and couldn't find exactly which cores are physical and which are logical for my specific CPU. If it is safe to assume that generally all multi-core CPUs structured from core 0->n where the first core is physical and the next is logical, would you recommend DCS to be set to cores 3, 5 and 7 in order to utilise three physical cores?
  8. Thanks guys! @stuartaston, thanks for clarifying! @Gunnars Driver, did you want the specific screenshot of Task Manager with the game running as well as the Project Lasso I provided earlier? Until this latest tweak I have not messed with PL in any way. In fact, no changes have been made between my last post and this response. The most recent tweak (done just before this post) was the change of priority of DCS.exe to “Realtime”. I noticed that there was some improvement following that change. Please see the attached screenshot of the results. The next thing I tried was to
  9. Hi guys, Thank you all very for your input, I really appreciate each and every one of your advice! Here’s a quick summary of things done so far under your collective guidance: Implement shdwp’s recommendations: •Reduce visibility range to Medium - (post #2) •Set shadows to Mid - (post #2) •Set Terrain object shadows - (post #2) Implement stuartaston’s recommendations: •Copy stuartson’s personal settings - (post #4) •Disable hyper threading in BIOS - (post #4) •Revert to 2.5.5 - (post #4) Implement Gunnars Driver’s recommendations: •Reduce both global and DCS specific VRSS
  10. Hi stuartson and The_Nephilim stuartson, Thanks very much for getting back to me so quickly and for the detailed explanation! I am running a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD. I am not familiar with page file swapping, I'm sorry... What is that? Please see the attached screenshot following disabling hyper threading and the task manager in-game with running processes. It looks worse to me...? I also noticed a comment "Static1" on the top middle of my screen after matching your settings the first time - does that mean anything to you? I will also have a detailed read on th
  11. Hi stuartson, Thank you very much for your help! I aligned my settings with six out of the seven screenshots. Picture 3 was very difficult to read. There were slight differences between your NVCP and mine, but I aligned it as best as possible to yours. Please see the attached images of my settings. As you can see, there is almost no improvement in the frametimes and FPS. It is still very jittery and slow, and it looks as though I will need to continue with your additional suggestions (e.g. hyperthreading and CPU affinity). With regards to hyperthreading; could you please explain w
  12. Hi mate, Thanks for the quick reply! I've applied your suggestions (please see attachments) and while there was an improvement, it was very minor. As you can see, with the settings reduced I am barely over 30FPS and still have a very high CPU frametime. Still no reprojection display. I could keep bumping down all the settings, but then where do I stop? And this is with a 2080Ti - where older setups yield far better results. I'm totally lost for words...
  13. Hi All, After reading through the forum and having no luck applying existing responses, I thought I would write my own asking for help. I was recently gifted the HP Reverb Pro to complement my DCS gaming experience. I found Thud’s instructions on Thud’s VR4DCS here https://vr4dcs.com/2019/09/10/reverb-settings-for-dcs/ and followed it as closely as I possibly could. The only reason why I have not followed the instructions 100% was due to software version differences and some options no longer being available or having been moved (e.g. SteamVR’s recent update etc). I attach screenshots o
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