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  1. Thanks ever so much. I have terminal noob disease 0f late.
  2. I prepurchased the Hind on Steam but cant find how to get it recognized here. I did it once but it isn't obvious where I go to log it here. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. If they can install a steerable nosewheel on a $50K civilian aircraft economically, what they did here is engineering malpractice. Yes I worked in the industry for decades (not to brag), because I would have made the same remarks if all I did was build bridges. It's just common sense to any engineer. I will still enjoy this sim. I just still get my fur brushed the wrong way sometimes. LOL Trainers, like this is supposed to be, are supposed to act as much like the aircraft flight operations of the aircraft they are training for. Trainers don't need the radar systems or 50,000lb ordinance capabilities, but they should operate as much the same as the advanced systems, without the transonic capabilities. Can you imagine an F-15 pilot dragging the nose around with the left brake and the nose wheel pointing straight? This is the kind of feature worthy of Microsoft Marketing. (tongue in cheek)
  4. I don't mind simulating the real thing. I was quite impressed with the list of commands in the sim. What disappoints is the lack of warning that the real engineers who designed this aircraft decided to save a few bucks over articulating the nosewheel. Even general aviation prop driven aircraft steer with the rudders. It begs the question as to what else did the engineers compromise on for the sake of stupidity. In stead of air brakes do they shut down the main engine and reverse the spooling to slow down? I laud the sim for duplicating the detailed aspects of the aircraft in such amazing detail. This does not relieve the original designers for taking a multi-million dollar jet aircraft design and compromising it with irrational choices. For an aircraft that seems to take forever to get up to rotation speed, the last thing I want to do is hit the brakes while trying to take off and point down the runway centerline. Instead of a tail dragger, they have made a nose dragger, and likely sell lots of nose wheels in the process.
  5. I have the original disks and cases for fc1 and fc2. They have NEVER functioned beyond being coasters, in my experience. I have tried running on old clunkers for computers to state of the art systems (as of 5 or more years ago) and have NEVER seen these programs launch much less run. I have asked for support but never received a reply. I have observed only once, these programs running on a PC. I duplicated their construction part for part without success in running these programs. I have come to believe that what I observed was a pirated version of the programs, but I REFUSE to have to break the law in order to operate a program purchased in good faith to work.
  6. Artificial Horizon has 30+degree offset at level flight on the C-101 module after a few high G turns (3.5G) Just free flight playing around getting used to the flight characteristics, and discove4red the horizon was offset to the right. It stayed that way until I quit the module. Seems like a minor bug, but thought others might have seen it or are curious for such things.
  7. I have a noob question. I have the F-16 module, and the thing stopped steering for me. I haven't been able to find any binding for steering on either "easy" or the "sim". Also, it may be related, but the "easy" binding screen, has no landing gear item to be assigned either. I have already reset everything several times. Anyway, thanks in advance and a Happy Mew Year to everyone.
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