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  1. Hi Memphis! Absolutely - just had a couple of weeks off, am going to finish the Gazelle Video no 5 and then on to others! Thanks for the support. Best wishes T
  2. Very welcome. The quick fix videos are straight to the point and basically reminders / walkthroughs but the actual tutorials are also there for those who want to know the what, where, when, why, what and how.
  3. This in my view, no offence, is just error chasing for the VR utopia, without actually knowing what it is supposed to look like. Fix your headset refresh rate, use ODT or OTT to fix the app refresh rate / fps to a multiplier, for example, 30. Crank up the DCS settings, leave pd to 1.0, if you have a Quest 2 (in the main the best res), leave it at max. Finally turn ASW off. badda bing - done you'll never look back. As for VR Utopia............................ leave it to the error chasers, find your acceptable 'expectation' of what you want, and leave it.
  4. go to a 3080 ti and save your pennies, unless you live in the CAD world all day mate. The 3090 is an anomaly of a giant mistake and most know it. The 3080ti is exactly the same as the 3090 expect 24 gb RAM which even NVidia admit, is 1/3rd useless to anyone for anything.
  5. I went from a 1080ti to a 3080ti. Differences are enormous and although the 3080 is slightly cheaper than the ti, what you get in the ti is out of parity - more RAM and fpr DCS, that's as important as out and out performance. In short, get the ti - nuff said. VR Rob? go with a quest 2. That's my view. You won't regret that either!
  6. Mate - take my advice - grab the T-45 mod for free. It is far better than the old VEAO HAWK in just about everyway. The T-45 essentially (cutting a long explanation short) is an American carrier capable BAE Hawk - for us............... it essentially looks the same and in DCS world brings a wider employment variation. As for the Harrier, there are plenty of good UK skins mate. O7 - fellow brit.
  7. Very happy to help here Memphis! I've just completed the 5 part series for the Gazelle which includes 'quick fix' tutorials. Youtube channel has the quick fix tutorials too. Rendering Part 5 now but, Full playlist here:
  8. start from 16 minutes. There is nothing wrong with the auto hover feature chaps. @faviou2 Magnetos? What magnetos - it doesn't have any mate. You mean the Mag Break? All the SA342 needs for an auto hover is Gyro on, AP on, Dampers on, less than 18kph - preferably in a manual hover, no pre defined trim - trim, activate - badda bing.
  9. Hi DCS Legends! This is our new showcase video put together by 'Pilgrim' who I know has spent many, many hours on this. It is his first attempt at a DCS world video and although he spent a good 5 minutes telling me afterwards what he wanted to do differently next time, I really couldn't understand what he was saying or to what he was referring to (might as well spoke with clicks n whistles of a dolphin) I absolutely love it and I know the other chaps at Wing Flex do too. I'd be very grateful if you would consider watching it and giving some words of encouragement for Pilgrim on the Wing Flex Youtube channel. Thank you very much. Wishing you well, T
  10. Hello DCS Legends, Introducing the new 'Wing Flex' group, we're really super excited to be back more regularly with DCS World. A lot of us could be considered i suppose as the 'old guard' - some former senior and indeed current members of VFSs, ED testers, modders, developers and many others. We're a casual 'DCS World Interest' group and currently don't have any agendas except to share our content, our knowledge, get together every now 'n then for some mission running, live streams, tutorial videos, etc. We've got RL Soldiers, Airmen Veterans, Pilots, Ground-crew and many other specialists! We're all experienced in running VFSs, training academy's, writing missions and events and, know only too well how exhausting that can be so we're not broaching that area to create a formalised vfs group, per se - recruiting therefore is currently not what we're about but of course, we do invite you to come along and join the group - no training required, no exams to pass, to tracks to submit, no proof to give. As a new 'DCS World interest' group, we're looking to gather like minded people who can leave toxicity at the door and enjoy the content and opportunities 'Wing Flex' offers, when it offers it. We all have in common is the love for DCS World - some of us have many years invested in this wonderful sim and 'Wing Flex', aims at creating the space for some old mates and buddies of DCS world to once again, create some wonderful memories. We're inviting you too. We have a youtube channel, link through the showcase film below. We'd be super grateful if you would subscribe - we're going to bring regular content for you. We also have a facebook group - it is public and the link is on the YouTube page. Here is our Showcase film. This was put together by 'Pilgrim' who is my son. I'm super proud of him for this, many many hours and the first time he has dabbled with anything like this. He is absolutely grabbed with DCS world of course and so really gave this a lot of time and effort. Again I'd be very grateful if you left him a comment on the film on YT. Wishing you all well, best wishes. T
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