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  1. Speaking of which...from the latest patch notes: Maybe some Flak and Bofors in the missions now, Hanoi-style?
  2. I think the mission is pretty well-balanced as it is. One or two more Ka-50s airborne, another ground unit commander, some more coordination among the fighters, all the F-14 slots taken: any of those could have turned the tide towards Red. But if the lack of Red SEAD is a problem, then maybe downgrade the Patriots to Hawk batteries instead of shoehorning the Su-25Ts into the mission. You could rationalize it by saying the Patriots have their hands full off-screen dealing with Scuds or something. All in all, I had a great time today. Well worth waking up at 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning!
  3. Just watched the tacview for yesterday's event. Amazing action; well done to everyone!
  4. Anybody have a recap of the latest Tiberias mission? Who won? Edit: Ah, right, I forgot there's a separate thread for it. Thanks!
  5. As someone who plays a lot during off-peak hours, I think Prince of Persia would be improved if each side started the mission with one of the objective airbases already captured: Ras Al Khaimah for Red and Al Maktoum for Blue. Those two are usually captured pretty quick anyway and having them stocked with enemy ground units will give players something to do with fixed-wing aircraft if the other side is empty. It'll also slow down the "3 Mi-8 vs. 0 Blue" rush that sometimes happens which ends the mission quickly. (I've participated in those myself. Fun for Red, maybe not so fun for Blue when it
  6. I don't know how they spawn or where they came from (this was my first go at the new mission), but the objective base is right now swarming with tanks from both sides at hour 5.
  7. Looks like they're actually A-10Cs.
  8. If it's anything like the previous tournaments, the briefing on Teamspeak is where they give out the password for the server.
  9. If the sides are too imbalanced and it's not too much trouble to mess with the mission, maybe the number of units at the artillery sites can be adjusted? Remove 30% or so of the Red units or something.
  10. Ah, I see that now that I've caused a bunch of confusion. From my posts earlier, I meant that the Magic 2 shouldn't be in the missions with weapons restrictions but, re-reading them, I now realize it sounds like I was arguing that they should be included. My sincere apologies for wasting everyone's time.
  11. I just checked the C-101s on Swedish Delivery and the Magic 2 is not listed as an option for them now. And the Mirage 2000 of course carries them as well.
  12. Just pulled a muscle sprinting to my computer to see if I could sneak a quick C-101CC CAP mission in before anybody noticed, but no dice: the Magic 2 is already gone as well. :cry: Of all the minor little nagging issues with DCS World that will likely not be fixed within the next 10 years, none is more vexing than the inability of the mission editor to lock down and limit weapons loadouts on individual aircraft slots, because that's a basic function that happens to almost literally every single military aircraft sortie every day around the world. I'm sitting here imagining a O-2 Hornet
  13. Hard agree on this whenever the weapons restrictions go back into place. It's one thing for the F-86s and MiG-15s to be overmatched on this server, they're one generation older, but the MiG-19 was a frontline fighter that fought alongside the MiG-21 in the Middle East and Vietnam. I feel bad that it really can't compete on the server when unrestricted weapons are in use. To get a little philosophical on you all, this sorta ties back into the previous discussions about the BK90, tactical commander slots, etc. Almost by definition, people who use this server are at least partly history buffs
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