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  1. You are correct, both the TH-57 and TH-67 are based on the 206.
  2. There is not datalink in the Kiowa, everything is passed over the radio or lased to get another aircraft on target (laser spot trackers or grids can be used) BFT is the closest the Kiowa comes to a datalink...and BFT is not a datalink.
  3. Are you talking about the Armored Cav Regiments? I've always wondered why 1st Cav has Battalions instead of Squadrons.
  4. An apache has roughly a 2 hour flight time, you can eek out 2.5 with a low power setting. There is also an external fuel tank that can be carried.
  5. Task forces can be thought of as cross leveling for combat. A Cav Squadron or ARB trades some combat power to an assault battalion or GSAB for some lift assets and in return the GSAB or assault battalion gains attack/reconnaissance assets. In my experience the Taskforce still falls under the same brigade and still receives support from the same aviation support battalion.
  6. May be looking for financial backing to continue development.
  7. I'm really enjoying Zone 5, any idea when Fear the Bones will coming? Will it have the real world procedural elements that Zone 5 does?
  8. Our TACOPS officers were able to use the drawing tools from Falcon View to draw corridors and other images on the map before transferring it to the aircraft.
  9. Three Questions: 1)Will the moving maps be loaded automatically for whichever map we are playing on or will players need to do something to load the maps? 2)Will there be an ability to load the "mission" card with weapons data, frequencies and waypoints before entering the mission? How will this work? 3) The TACOPS types were able to draw corridors, no fly areas, etc. will that be possible with the moving map?
  10. It's right only. Report explaining IHADSS and eye dominance. Report is from 2004
  11. Coota0

    Apache Liveries

    South Carolina National Guard, they've been gone for a few years. The last gray AH-64 Apache departs McEntire Joint National Guard Base in Eastover. The S.C. National Guard's gray Apaches were the only experimental paint scheme authorized by the Army for use on the Apaches during the Global War on Terrorism. The 1st of the 151st Air Reconnaissance Battalion (ARB) flew 14 of them in combat from 2004 to 2005. Their color made it more difficult for insurgents on the ground to see them coming. The grey Apaches also proved to be easier to repair because the experimental col
  12. Noticed the same issue, you might try changing distortion curvature to low in the Oculus Debug tool.
  13. Black Aces High is great. If you're interested in fiction; check out Punk's War, Punk's Wing and Punk's Fight by Ward Carroll. Carroll was an F-14 NFO. I believe he writes in the same way Kevin Miller does, events that happened to him or he knows of that are then embellished or changed to meet the book's story line.
  14. Not exactly. It gives you an idea of where the good guys are and it can give you an idea of where the bad guys are (if anyone bothers to update it when in contact), but I wouldn't use it for danger close CAS. It does have a very handy text message function that is great when you have different radio fills than a ground unit. It does grealy assist in SA for friendly forces or aircraft in congested airspace.
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