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  1. Oh yes, i've definitely checked that. I only play in multiplayer, so that might have something to do with the issue (?). It all starts after a complete rearm, with the missing powering option in SMS is an indicator.
  2. After landing, reloading + refreshing the DTC card, the power button for LD10 disappears on the SMS menu. I can still press the blank MFD button and they start powering up but after this i still can't fire them. They work only when i load them the first time after starting in a fresh spawned Jeff. Is there a procedure that i'm missing? Every other A/G weapon seems to work fine after landing and reloading.
  3. Me too. Yesterday, 4YA Syria Open Beta server. Did a loop and DCS crashed. CTDs are usually very rare on my end.
  4. RealDCSpilot

    F10 Menu

    Don't forget, the comms menu is also clickable with mouse or HMD cursor (with left mouse button binding on HOTAS).
  5. More google translate investigations show that it also doesn't seem to be available in China, there was a Taobao shop planned but canceled. However, from what i see in the video it's the perfect FFB base with a lot of options for compatible grips. Like a Fanatec version of a FFB base. And the GaussCLS software does look really straight forward with a lot of tuning options for damping and oscillation behaviour... So sad!
  6. The latest Apache video shows a proper FLIR shader at the end!
  7. Damn, the Gauss FFB base is really a thing, but only in China: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1E7411o7bs And it supports a lot of grips and sims already. :(
  8. VR takes away the 3rd person abstraction of flying/driving something that only can be watched through a small distant window (which cuts away a lot of visual information of the virtual moving object). Since VR increases your general peripheral perception so much, the simulation gets much more natural or "real" compared to the limited information from a monitor where you have to adapt to. It's a completely different approach of learning to control something.
  9. Just finished the design of a Stereo IR170 mount for the Valve Index: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4925138 Will try it soon in DCS...
  10. @Rebel28 The safe standard procedure to launch any VR game is always starting the vr compositor(s) first. In case of WMR headsets and OpenVR game: 1. launch WMR, 2. launch SteamVR, 3. launch game. This prevents SteamVR from loading ressources to late (parallel to loading the game).
  11. The flight model and the controls are so bad off, that the video you postet got an answer shortly after it's release: Keep in mind, the whole dicsussion is always about the fidelity of helicopters in DCS. ED's helicopter modules are really top notch, premium quality simulation. PC's Gazelle module, compared to the other ones - absolutely not.
  12. @Baltic PirateYou are right about ED's helicopters, they really work like their real world counterparts. But the Gazelle module is far from working on the same level like the other helicopter modules. Just to name a few issues: it doesn't even work like a helicopter would, it's more of a futuristic anti-gravity vehicle where collective input causes magically stable uplift and cyclic input causes continuous rolling like an airplane with ailerons. The flight model also doesn't feature drag and rotor dynamics, this gets very obvious by watching it in flight - it always only rotates around a single fixed point in the center of the 3D model. It's on the lowest level a player controlled helicopter could be in a computer game, not fitting in DCS as a flight sim.
  13. @hinapilotYou can also try to use process lasso to get more control about CPU core usage. 1. disable hyperthreading in BIOS if you don't need it 2. download and install Process Lasso, have VR and DCS running 3. open Process Lasso window and look for DCS.exe, vrcompositor.exe and vrserver.exe 4. set CPU priority to Always -> high 5. uncheck CPU priority Always -> Windows dynamic thread priority boosts enabled 6. set CPU Affinity to Always -> choose 4 cores here 7. set I/O priority to Always -> high 8. set Application Power Profile to highest possible 9. now repeat these steps for vrcompositor.exe and vrserver.exe, but in Affinity set a single CPU core of the ones that are left and not bound to DCS.exe
  14. Get rid of the old S-Draw driver, we now have native support. Simply have the latest Gemini drivers from their website installed, calibrate and activate it before starting DCS. In DCS check special options and activate it there.
  15. Yep, works exactly like in the RL video.
  16. I find this is not a good comparison and doesn't say much. No AMD card tested, no combination of FSR or DLSS with a raytracing title available. Visual quality only mentioned afterwards, not combined with performance tests. The downgrade of visual quality does matter more in VR than on a monitor, like the latest FSR for OpenVR mod revealed. For me the image quality in DCS with extreme image quality settings in VR suffers pretty much from having FSR enabled. Fine detail like gras, objects like power poles and high resolution ground textures don't work very well with it. FSR is not for everyone, it may help on weaker systems where you need to turn down image quality settings anyway, but it is not an overall solution. I would prefer a much more "lossless" feature like DLSS for DCS.
  17. The new RC1 seems to work with MSAA, but still everything at some distance does get crazy shimmering edges. Pretty bad for ground pounders. I also tried 2.0 and 3.0, but doesn't help with image quality. Sharpness is still superior just with standard SteamVR SS, MSAA and his ReShade filter.
  18. @PickleMonsterAre you enjoying stalking me?
  19. I also tested the RC1 release, the flickering edges are really horrible. Simply switching back to classic SteamVR SS settings and MSAA brought back the superior image quality and smoothness i was used to.
  20. @zildac No worries, you're not doing something wrong. I'm on the same boat, tested it again and again. Simply going back to classic SteamVR SS settings and MSAA gave me same smooth performance as before and superior image quality compared against Fidelity FX FSR.
  21. MSAA enabled basically breaks the process. It means that only the downsampling step will work (0.XX), it doesn't do the upsampling step. So you end up with a lower resolution and lower frametimes, but pretty bad image quality.
  22. @f4l0 Any luck with the new ammo counter functionality for the 30mm cannon?
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