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  1. Not exactly, but i usually expect a good flight model for a paid module first before everything else in DCS.
  2. No, i don't think we get Vulkan with 2.7. Only a slightly optimized DX11 render pipeline with raymarching feature for the clouds. They also mentioned "pre-raytraced cockpit lighting" - i'm very curious about this. In general, jumping from 2.5 to 2.7 could mean to be a big step for everything that's working under the hood. They didn't name it 2.6 for a reason.
  3. @Rogue TrooperGet the real taste of DCS first and play against a human Combined Arms commander. Because of your limited attack range, he will surround you in no time and put you to bed before you can do anything harmful. The Ka-50 is far more flexible in these situations, you can hold a safe distance, quickly change positions, pop up or down, easily hover below the tree line and slide left or right to find a gap to have 12 chances to hurt the enemy pretty bad with laser precision from 7 km away (or even more, i already managed to hit from 12 km away). This is the definition of a hunter. The Ga
  4. My version for a Virpil Connector. (printed with carbon filament and thick layers for prototyping...)
  5. Sadly, no input axis info is shown. Weapon systems work like you expect from a DCS module. A good information on the side is that DCS 2.7 might get us a performance increase on top of the new clouds.
  6. I think Fri13 is a brilliant guy. What i find far more concerning, a "real" pilot that doesn't even raise an eyebrow while flying the Gazelle in DCS and thinks that some real world aerodynamic feature could hold an explanation. I'm sorry, but the only explanation i have for this behaviour is absence of knowledge. And you also will not be able to find any real world physics reference, because the problem doesn't exist in the real world. It was solely created with the release of the Gazelle module for DCS five years ago and hopefully be gone with a future patch that would raise the level of the
  7. Yeah. With that rulebook, everything that just moves somehow with stick and throttle input has the right flightmodel, nice. Who needs flight models anyway? Flight simulators? Ahhh come on... forget about flight sims, they are just games like everything else. What a waste of time and money on developing something that only tries to imitate something from reality with numbers and calculation mumbo jumbo.
  8. Just another perfect video showing cyclic control and airframe reaction. You move the cyclic, aircraft reacts and it's attitude stays where cyclic input commands it to stay. If you want to make the heli bank at a certain angle to the right, you put cyclic to the right and hold it there. It's so easy to understand and all we want for the Gazelle in DCS.
  9. @Rogue Trooper Goodness... Please don't be the clueless gamer, you obviously only scratched the surface of DCS. Switch from the Gazelle with super simplified joystick mode to ED helicopters with a Komodo Simulation or Puma PAS cyclic in springless trimmer mode or a FFB stick in default trimmer mode first before posting such nonsense. You'll get the experience how a cyclic works for the first time and it will definitely work as an eye opener and gamechanger for heli flightsims in general for you. You'll see for the first time what DCS really has to offer. It's like going from a gamepad in Mar
  10. Hmm... You want to test our knowledge but deny being tested yourself? Why don't you share with us what you know, so that we can see how qualified you are?
  11. Yeah, sure. The effect of gyroscopic precession is actually modelled in DCS, but i don't tell you which helicopter module. Can you tell me which one?
  12. @jumphighThe autopilot master button is an override for the autopilot's pitch/roll/yaw channels. You see them deactivate and activate by pressing the button, in auto-hover it really does a strange thing, the airframe tilts into a strange position and it starts to glide away. I guess you found another bug.
  13. So you meant "altitude hold" instead of "attitude hold"? Just to make sure...
  14. @cromhuntCan you do it? I'm really interested in the part where you think the continuous roll from minimal cyclic input comes from. (Hint: it's not gyroscopic precession)
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