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  1. Yeah, i posted it publicly because i want to read other opinions about price range.
  2. @Bergison Great news! I'm really looking forward to this. Completely out of the blue and wishful thinking: A1) I would possibly buy a fully assembled and functional unit and am willing to pay up to 2.000 € for it. B) EU C) 1. support for mounts of Virpil/Fanatec gear and Forcefeel pads (Realtus Forcefeel, Gametrix Gameseat etc.) 2. integrated solution for VR motion compensation
  3. I can wait for DCS 2.7, i guess it will feature a lot of changes anyway. I hope you guys sort this out very quickly then.
  4. If the stuttering starts, check the state of dedicated GPU memory (task manager or afterburner special option). If it shows nearly 8GB on a card with 8GB it means DCS is going to swap memory from disk to RAM to VRAM which overloads the CPU main thread. It just can't keep up the fps when this happens.
  5. Ah nice. Thanks guys, it really was the fuze setting, must have messed around with it when i was first testing high drag bombs.
  6. Thanks for the hint. I'm pretty sure i've tested all options, but i will test again.
  7. MP session, i'm the pilot: F-14B drops snake eye and AIR in high drag mode, F-14A drops both in low drag, like standard Mk 82.
  8. My hope is, 2.7 is a big enough engine overhaul that will get this covered.
  9. Is it possible that @RAZBAM monitors aren't calibrated correctly? Are you guys running on gamma 1.0 to tune lighting intensity? Everything seems to be way to bright. i just need to turn the knobs one bit to instantly reach maximum brightness, if i go further the lights are already in crazy overdrive mode. Pretty bad in night missions, the HUD and radar screen can't be turned down to a suitable level. Same for the Harrier lighting and MFD's.
  10. Also ran into this issue on a server yesterday, but it isn't caused by the module or the hotfix. Just choose another m-2000C slot to spawn correctly. In my case the known mp spawn bug was the issue, a player spawned before me in the same spot - another player spawned on top of him - result: both explode and their wreckage remained on the spot. After that i spawned in their wreckage and was stuck several meters deep in that mess. I simply choosed another slot and spawned in a clean hangar.
  11. Justed tested this again. Mission editor, set time to 0:00, placed harrier at ramp, cold start. Loaded 2 SUU-25 pods from the bomb category. After lift-off choosed AG, ARM, stores: choosed the pods and pickle button drops always one flare on a chute at a time. It even switches to the next pod automatically everytime. I would say works as intended.
  12. I just tested them, designated a target on ground via DMT and DESC, flew over it and dropped one by one in DSL mode over the area. Worked flawlessly.
  13. What's the difference to LUU-2B pods in the A-10 and F-14? Would it help to just make it work like them?
  14. @IronChancellor At what daytime did you play the mission? As far as i remember, the shkval's locking capabilities are simply bound to a fixed daytime/nighttime cycle which doesn't make sense sometimes, especially at summer dusk/dawn. The trick for now is using illumination rockets above the target during dusk/night/dawn.
  15. Just as a side note, i'm flying with a FFB stick and have the advantage of the FFB trimming system. My pedals do not support FFB and trimming during flight can get confusing after a while, because they will still work like the none-ffb trimming mode. That's why i disable the rudder trimmer option and prefer to hold the pedals in position if needed.
  16. Thanks, will try. What i find pretty cool, the engine sound details, never recognized this before (wasn't flying at these low temperatures before). You can actually hear if something is not right, a mechanical rattling noise will appear if you raise RPM too early. Seems to appear on all WW2 birds.
  17. Ahh, what a relief. Everything worked perfectly this time, managed -6° celsius with cowl flaps closed all the time and readjusting the oil cooler shutter at 0-20% to hold the perfect oil temp. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  18. Alright, will test this. Thanks. Cyl temp never reached more than 180/190 if i remember correctly, even after a long wait for warmup with cowl flaps already closed. I will definitely check the oil temp much closer.
  19. I have troubles with the engine dying or losing power on me during starts on a server with -4° celsius. I tried one with +2° without problems, but at below zero temperatures the jug doesn't seem to like it at all. If someone could provide a step-by-step guide and which one of the temp gauges is the most important here, it'll really be appreciated.
  20. https://youtu.be/sZbR8wOLNJA?t=2157 Another good video, at minute 36:00 it perfectly explains the biggest issue, direct rotor control through cyclic input does not exist. If the Gazelle module would feature this correctly, like the other DCS helos, nobody would have a problem with it. We also wouldn't need to mitigate the problem with axis saturation, because if the Gazelle would feature correct rotor dynamics based on blade element physics it would start to act and fly just naturally by intuitive control inputs. @tugais I don't get from where you extrapolate your exaggerated depic
  21. The title states "Kiowa pilot" doesn't it? And i wouldn't call Damcopter's honesty being negative. Sometime the truth hurts and another honest guy made this very informative video as a direct answer to the video you posted:
  22. I always find it sad if someone who does only own the Gazelle module refers to DCS as a "game". You'll miss 90% of what DCS is offering as a simulation if you only look through Polychop's module. However, everything that is said is right in the last third of the video (20 mins+). The Gazelle module is in simple game mode 100% of the time, it's basically just a good 3D model replica of a Gazelle helicopter glued on an invisible something that only has simplified basic game capabilities, sufficient enough to be able to move it through 3D space in "airplane mode" instead of "helicopter mode" and
  23. Try to contact Damcopter or check this: http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=465&t=200331&start=50#p1678174
  24. VRAM is memory on the GPU, it's always the limiting factor for everything that get's processed and rendered to monitors by a 3D game engine. It holds the screenbuffers - all the pixels you see frame by frame and all the asset data like geometry (3D objects made of polygons) and texture data (2d bitmaps) plus certain effect processing buffers (like heat blur, screen space reflections etc.) that are needed for these frames. RAM is used for fast access for the CPU to the assets and for holding processing information (whats going on in the game). The CPU has to manage all of this, besides processi
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