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  1. Ok I just got it to work. I noticed that even though I set everything up to 30000 ft, task AWACS, 400 knots, Freq 265 nothing worked. I found him still at 6k feet which did not match the ALT I gave him and was like WTF are you doing this low. Deleted the AWACS and re-added him to the mission and now its working fine. God I wish I had done that last night. All though this was a weird issue MAC, Excorcet, Bandit, and Pete thanks a ton for the ideas and help. I learned alot trying to figure out this issue.
  2. I know its me that has to be doing something wrong. I added AWACS task and when I take off still no option to contact AWACS. I just dont know what else to do here. I got the AWACS on the map. I have assigned a feq of 265. I have him orbiting a way point. I have a bullseye. My way points say a enroute of task of AWACS. I take off I have the option to contact everybody but the AWACS. I tried using manual and punching in 265 like I do when I contact the carrier ( different feq obviously) and still no option. Do i need to turn on some kind of transmit switch? Is it a bug?
  3. Exorcet do you place him close to the action or have him orbit way far away?
  4. Thanks so much guys, not a dumb question at all. I didnt know you had to do that. I just put him on the map and ordered him to orbit a few way points. I just clicked on my AWACS and added a enroute task of AWACS but cant test it as I have to go to work. is that all I have to do? A few questions how far out can he be from the action. I have him about 10 - 20 miles off shore at 20k feet. The action is set overland at 6k feet. What are the limits of the AWACS so I dont put him too far out and too high and miss seeing anything?
  5. Ok I have set my com to to channel 1 AWACS is freq 265. I created a channel program of 265 on com 1. I can hear overload saying he is passing way points. Its when I bring up the Comm 1 communications it does not have the AWACS in there. I see everything else, ATC, wingman etc. I can communicate with my carrier but I don't have any option to talk to the AWACS. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I have watched a ton of videos but there isnt an option for AWACS for me. I have even turned easy communications on and off and nothing. Any thoughts on how to get the AWACS to be listed in my CO
  6. I cant find a good video to show me how to communicate with my AWACS on the f18. I have it set up on my mission. I have easy communications on with a hot key of \. I have the channel set to 111.110. I kick off a new mission. I hit the rounded button on the left to turn on the com 1 radio. I then enter 111.110 and hit the enter. I push the \ and I don't see a way to communicate with the AWACS. I can communicate to my wing man and all the other stuff but I dont see AWACS. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Justion
  7. LOL DRWatson. "Energy of your aircraft is key, worst thing you can do (in a medium range fight) is start evasive turns and firing out counter measures the moment you detect a missile launch." Yeah I was doing that every run and is a good description of me in full on panic mode hearing alarms and my wing man yelling missile at x o'clock. Yeah I am a big CAP fan he has taught me how to fly and kill almost every thing on the ground. I just avoided any A2A as I got sucked in watching laser guided bombs and JSOWS blowing things up so I got started there. I just finished his DL / SA 2 part video. G
  8. Cool Stearmandriver. I have not seen that AZ / EL before. Just googled it. Thats kind of cool. Typically I have my stores page on there which is a waist in A2A. I will try substituting with AL / EL. Im still struggling with sirens going off, missiles being shot at me, trying to maneuver, wandering where my wing man is , dealing with my wing man calling out bad guys and missiles at 12 o-clock, (by the way when he does that I am like where the hell is 12 o-clock when I am upside down headed toward the ground ) using my countermeasures in a panic, changing missile type, and then there is, oh y
  9. I see the advantages of moving the radar you can keep them locked. I died a few times after the post above but now I am watching maneuvering videos. I did have a few good runs though.
  10. Wow what a difference and thanks a ton guys. I didn't have to tweak my radar while I am sure thats important DR watson for a long range engagement and I will work on that but I was missing the basics. I was just using the wrong type of radar. I solely relied on TWS and RWS in all situations and after using LACQ and Boresight I polished off bad guy number one from quite a few miles out and kept a lock the entire time but he got a missile off (typical). After my 120 missile went pitbull but I turned down and per everybody's advice I pulled my head up off the radar screen and out of the cockpit
  11. All great advice guys appreciate the response. Going to turn labels back on and practice some more. I think I am relying on my TWS radar WAY WAY too much and your right Tholozor I need to practice target acquisition by looking around more when in combat. I am going to get rid of the bad guys AMMO and increase their fuel so I can practice targeting them without dying. Oozler do you ever use the Helmet Acq Mode? That seems like it would be easier initially than trying to line everything up in the heads up display. While in order to fire my AIMs I need to use boresight on the HUD as my AIMs canno
  12. Thanks guys, Yeah I was familiar with the cone. I watched enough youtube that that is burned into my brain. I think I need to pay attention more my alt vs theirs. I noticed one time I was super low. Thanks for the tip Oozler. As far as Kang you are right. About the time I see the white smoke I am in full on panic mode wandering why isnt this thing in alarm. Now i know and that makes sense I am going to change their loadout. How is everybody acquiring targets again? So I avoid the first fired missile by killing the first Jet then turning and using counter measures but many times I get kill
  13. Hi, I have two questions. I know its because I am missing some fundamental about how locking works. 1. I created some missions with some Russian SU jets. I keep getting shot down but regardless of who in engage I never get a lock on warring at all. Just a missile in my face from a SU. I can fire a AAMRAM or a AIM and turn away and use counter measures which typically will hit one of the two I fire at and typically survive but I never can tell if they have even fired when I make a 90 and head a different direction. I think I keep getting hit by a 27ET missile. I have them set on Rookie. I
  14. These are all great ideas. Thanks a ton for the support here. I like the idea of just repositioning the camera, thats super easy as I have that mapped to a button already. That is what i was doing DUNX and my neck started to hurt. I thought I was in the movie the Exorcist for a second as far as I forced my head to turn . I think I will also give the controller a try as well. I have a few of those sitting around. Again thanks a ton for the responses.
  15. I am not sure how others are doing this but in the F18 cockpit you have switches to the left and right slightly sitting back behind the pilots arms. You have the ejection handle sitting right in your lap. When using VR I find that access to any buttons sitting toward the back of the panel or the ejection handle are really hard to look at that far down or that far over my shoulder in VR (I am using the VR "+" symbol and clicking my mouse). How are others doing this in VR? Are you just mapping a button on the keyboard instead of use the the VR cockpit "+" for those buttons?
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