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  1. thanks rob10 for the tips on close vs end. I didn't know that and this is super useful !!! thanks Bunny Clark for the one on editing the file. I will use it to revert to the stage I was BTW: just to make it clear, I love the campaign and now that I learn from both of you the tricks, I will enjoy it more best, cobra
  2. i updated to the latest version. I revert to the previous mission in mission 4 (from 4 to 3) and in mission3 (from 3 to 2) Is there a way to change to change that behaviour as I personnaly found it really bad (only my own opinion but as dcs is very scripted and the AI is not reliable so your wingman is mostly useless), you flown 4 times a mission, you finally pass it, the next one you get shot and revert to back to the one you already flown several time makes it really boring. Could you let me know how I could tweak your files so that it doesn revert back i will change
  3. Thanks again for you fantastic french pack. Would love to have your new pack featuring the Modern era. best, Cobra
  4. I have started the campaign and yes...with an AI wingman, it isn't easy...there are so useless... I am in mission 2, destroyed 4 boats, 3 helicopters, I had a score of more than 120 but a mission score of 30. I got out of the mission and ended up reverting to the first mission. 1) although I hit all the objectives, i am sent back to mission one. Is there a way to stop this happening. I find it very frustrating as if it was to use the same weapons, then if you fail, you have to go back to the previous mission, I would find a logic, but going to a different mission and weapon a
  5. It is all in the title. Get stuck in the air, I bombed my target (the post) but then only that message is repeating...the wingman doesn't do anything. I love the realism but when mission are so scripted, it is really bothering
  6. Hi Baltic Dragon, I did fly the mission on the stable version of dcs and it worked fine. So the issue only appears on the beta version Kind regards Cobra
  7. Hello, I have a question. I am playing the Raven campaign and in mission 4, I need to find boats. when I use the radar and lock the boats, the precision is absolutely crap. Not only the cursor looks like atari pong game but the worse is that lock is not even on the boat (it locks the ocean :-) ) . And of course, when I slave the tgp, It is rarely on the contact. Is this reflecting reality or the F-18 AG capability is still at the beginning of its development ? Sorry to ask, but I come from Falcon BMS and the precision on it is deadly so I am surprised best, Cobra
  8. Mission 4: Played on OpenBeta Tabletop boat isn't showing at 008 40. I could see the 3 small boats but no tanker. I shot on the boat, they left but no tanker. I am skipping mission 4 as I flew hours to find this boat until i found that this issue.
  9. It has been existing for years. Once an aircraft request taxi or is taxiing, the landing aircraft automatically interrupt its landing pattern ...even if he is in short final. The AI has been poorly developed over all the versions and we shouldn t expect any changes soon.
  10. Yes, that was the case in the previous versions. I haven t tried with the latest but i doubt ED has done any modifications on ATC. It is really really bad.
  11. the files are for a F-14 campaign RESOLVED: the f18 files are in my campaign files.
  12. I use Target and your excellent profile for many years without issue (only done the fix on windows store and teamspeak) Sometimes, the issue with recognition is linked that during the 1st time plug in, an issue came and create that mess. Couple points that might help - to uninstall the drivers, you have to unplug all the joysticks before launching the uninstallation. - from now on, you have to follow line by line the install docs from thrustmaster . In summary: - reboot and install thrustmaster driver. It will tell you when to connect your joysticks. Reboot - install target - d
  13. No, as i mentioned in my previous post, total fresh installation, no mods, nothing
  14. Still didn't work with microsoft antivirus disconnected. I have filled the contact support sales
  15. No, this is a brand fresh install. No mod, nothing, just plain dcs
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