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  1. I just want to thank everyone who wanted to help me out here. After tying out the Redgum's instructions, only option seems to using third party mapping software or clean windows install. Anyways, thanks for trying!
  2. Thanks RedGum. I will do all this at weekend. I should be working now. To the question what I did change lately; I just don't know as I haven''t been playing for few months.. So in that time a lot of things did change. I rolled back the windows as far as I could but that din't help. Calling the Logitech support ... yeah they will probably throw it at windows, and vice versa. In my opinion waste of time. Your own brains and forum help are usually the best tools to solve the problem. There are really not many skilled people sitting at the help desk. For fun I can tell you short story. I
  3. I have tested the X56 on my windows tablet. It is a win 8 32 bit. And it worked just fine after the installation. So what I was suspecting is actually true. It needs to be some kind of drivers or windows problem on my PC. As I have no time to reinstall my rig from scratch I leave it for now as It is, unless someone have any suggestions to fix it.
  4. I checked that right away using Logitech installation instruction. Uninstalled drivers, uninstalled it from Human Interface Devices, uninstalled from USB devices. Uninstalled DirectOutput <-- software Uninstalled X 56 H.O.T.A.S. software used CCkeaner to clean registry restarted PC started driver installation with unplugged USB cables, and as asmin when prompted inserted first the stick USB then Throttle (like described in the manual) after installation restarted PC Still the same story. I also repaired my windows (not a clean re install but still), it only messed up things on
  5. This can't be the case, because the problem exists outside DCS. In the window you mentioned, the selector does its work, but not surprise here because it also works OK in the HOTAS software. I appreciate your input, but there must be something else going on. I slowly losing my hope. I know for sure that the stick and my PC are both just fine. It is also not DCS, it has to be something withing the freaking Windows. Or divers conflict, something of that nature.
  6. @ emc My software version is 213.0 and driver version is (the latest version to my knowledge). Before all this began I had older software installed, I don't mess with things If it does it's job. At this point I have re-installed the software so many times that I probably did try with and without USB cables connected during the installation. Also I double checked if it is not the 32 bit version. It is just not possible to install in the first place, as the driver detects that it is a 64 bit windows, it informs you that you have the wrong version and quits. The thing with
  7. Hardly can believe that, but if that's true some curse is upon you :S
  8. Small update, I finally found something. But don't know how to solve it. C:\Program Files\Logitech\X56 in this folder is a file with the name: X56_Profiler When I run this file It will come in the Processes tab (task manager) for just split of a second, this is when I'm able to use the switch and its working for the stick! Unfortunately the process gets killed for unknown reason.
  9. Thanks for head up. Yes, I have the correct ones installed. Also I reinstalled chip set drivers for the mother board. Next step will be windows 10 repair I think.
  10. Hi, Today I have made Youtube video showing the problem at hand.
  11. Ergrim

    X56 Rhino

    Your axes settings could by mixed up. You should look in your game bindings, maybe you have some other Logitech stuff installed, like a wheel or pedals, and they are displayed in your bindings. Delete those. also check if for example there are no double bindings like: throttle up is doing the same as turning right with your stick.
  12. Yes, In the software the switch do its job only on the throttle module. For example setting the switch to position M2 will have effect on the throttle module. Simultaneously the same setting should by applied to the stick, but that is not the case, it just stays on M1. M2 position on throttle M2 position on stick, stays on M1
  13. Bump, I really need help, there must be somebody out here with brilliant mind :)
  14. Ergrim

    X56 Rhino

    I have been using the X56 it for about 12 months. You need to figure out a way to mount it to your (desk) otherwise specially your throttle will be sliding all over the place. The throttle is not holding it's position, it will just slowly move by it self. Not really disturbing as you will have most of the time your hand on it and can adjust on the fly. My stick is squeaking when you use the rudder, but if you lucky you will get "good" one. Some of the buttons are just a bit "shaky". The over all build quality is nothing more than just OK.. Personally I think this thing should not cost mo
  15. Hi guys, I'm using Logitech X56 HOTAS. Out of the sudden after few weeks break from the game there is a problem with my stick I think. On the throttle module there is a selection switch M1,M2,S1. The switch is used to change profiles, so lets say my bindings for starting the plain were on M2, and for while in combat on M1. Now the switch only works for the throttle module and does nothing for the stick. I tried to reinstall drivers, remove it from human interface devices. I also tried different stick / throttle of the same brand / type. I also switched usb ports. The problem per
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