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  1. Try "Navair 01-1B-40 pdf" EDIT: sorry, it is behind a paywall, the superceded version is available though and looks generic
  2. There should be two red dots per line; the second one should tell you where where conflict is when you hover over it. For me, it is usually something in General or UI Layer. something like this...
  3. I have this too. The distance to the ground from the F/A-18C, for example, is compressed while the rest of the cockpit looks normal. I can resolve this by tilting the bottom of the headset slightly away from my nose.
  4. I'm lazy, I grab my helmet with my left hand and force the view down to click the button with the VR mouse.
  5. You got a flaps warning... you may have missed trimming for T/O weight.
  6. Thank you chaps; these guides are very much appreciated, kudos!
  7. Dunx

    Reverb G2

    I have the same with my G1. I also have to tilt the headset slightly upward to get the correct perspective/distance from the cockpit to the ground.
  8. 04 April 2019 ... ... so long ago, and such a different way of life back then.
  9. The font stokes overlap - which cause prominent bubbles due to the opacity of the stroke. Is it possible to increase the intensity of the font strokes to reduce the bubbling effect?
  10. May I suggest asking someone who has never seen the Harrier MFD screens in VR before to run the Cold and Dark training mission while in VR. It it possible that you may not see the extent of the problem in VR if you have any kind of MFD screen muscle memory. Maybe ED could provide you with examples of how they migrated the F/A-18C, which works well in VR.
  11. Dunx

    Cyclic ops

    It would be cool if the menu was sorted so that currently tuned frequencies were listed at the top, regardless of distance.
  12. There are a couple in the User Files section... https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/index.php?set_filter=Y&arrFilter_pf[filetype]=41&arrFilter_pf[gameversion]=&arrFilter_pf[filelang]=&arrFilter_pf[aircraft]=30&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC&set_filter=Filter I tried to bind my hotas to be strict per aircraft, but I too, like speed-of-heat, have changed my ways to make transition quicker.
  13. I can confirm that the text in VR is now very difficult to read, even when head close to MFD. Some of the stacked characters bleed into each other and the text is blurred.
  14. I ponder Henk Hesselink each time this threadupdates
  15. Sorry if this has already been discounted... Is it possible that you have the same axis switch bound to two controllers?
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