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  1. I can confirm that the communications menus are not functional in MP. I have tried Easy Comms on and off, rebinding both comms options, using VAICOM Pro, etc. Also tried with and without SRS and VAICOM Pro (only mods installed).
  2. For the love of cow, please add back the 6809 machine language version. I'm on the register you know!
  3. Even the new forum has better clouds
  4. I checked the tubes for Hornet afterburner tests again... I never noticed the restraints before... good call... https://youtu.be/QtE-EGFhtZI ... and the F22...
  5. Even more accuracy can be obtained by marking out replica wings with bed sheets :) Top Tip : Avoid using the clean ironed sheets from the airing cupboard, use the dust sheets in the garage instead!
  6. Thank you Thunderchief, that sounds exactly like my issue. I think it started two or three patches ago. DCS Beta SteamVR Beta 1.15.10 WMR for SteamVR Beta (latest) Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 ASUS 1080Ti, 32GB Mem, Reverb G1, i7-5820k
  7. For VR... Tilt please For Customisation... Basic embedded web browser please
  8. When flying on the Aerobatics Online server (autum, partial cloud) and when people are using smoke, the sky intermittently flashes black. Sometimes there is a large black and/or red blob where a cloud might be. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, sometimes one or two of the smoke trails will flash. I don't suppose anyone knows a way to disable smoke trails to mitigate this issue?
  9. Sadly, VR performance has degraded here too :(
  10. Happened to me too... the joys of tinkering live sites.
  11. To be fair, there was no detail of the changes being made and no warning to backup our media files. Mine are still missing and show as broken links.
  12. UPDATE: Resolved This was due to disabling Windows pagefile management, and selecting "no paging file". I cannot remember the date of this change but DCS Beta ran fine until the day of the update (both DCS Beta and SteamVR Beta were queued for update at the same time). Reverting to SteamVR Release did not resolve the issue and so, combined with the dual update, induced the confusion. Finally resolved by allowing Windows to manage pagefile automatically. For my machine, SteamVR / SteamVR Beta requires a pagefile for DCS / DCS Beta. Not all reddit advice is good advice ;)
  13. UPDATE: Issue possibly identified - inadequate pagefile size, initial tests positive, more tests this evening
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