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  1. When I start a mission without a preset loadout and let the groundcrew mount bombs on the Mossie, it is currently impossible to drop the wing mounted pair of bombs. They could neither be dropped or jettisoned. (The bombs in the bomb bay work fine.) If I do the same with a preset loadout, everything works fine - so it's (maybe) not me. Where: Single player - custom mission from mission builder (I guess it is possibly the same issue like in Multiplayer with the wing mounted bombs.)
  2. Oh, sorry: Yes, it’s in the open beta and it’s in the F-86 campaign. (Great campaign anyway. Good work!)
  3. Hello, maybe it's because of the 2.7 patch: In mission 11 and 12 the AI planes on Nalchik aren't able to head to the runway because of ground vehicles to close to the taxi way. In mission 11 it's no big deal to leave a few planes behind, but in mission 12 the to be accompanied C-130 aren't able to take off.
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