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  1. Problem also appeared for us now, still existing bug, only restarting DCS seemed to solve the problem. Issue appeared after being shot down. Will try to find the track file. Human RIO, Mission: "Through the Inferno", after being shot down by F-4 armament unclear atm. Current open beta client.
  2. This makes absolutely no sense, it doesnt influence how many units they can produce but they could interpolate for each product how long in average it would take to wait to fulfill demand. The way they do it they just piss off people, it's a frustrating experience to say the least. If i would do this in my retail store people would be pissed for a very good reason, what makes this worse is that they are the manufacturer, so no alternatives unless you switch brands.
  3. It's absolutely beyond me why they don't allow ordering of out of stock items, surely people are not having an issue with them not being able to be shipped anytime soon but at least you know that the order is placed. It would also help them to gauge interest... but hey
  4. You have to switch the VR application in Skatezillas launcher, by default it's set to oculus. Is in the settings somewhere. Select the build you want to launch first, then adjust the settings to use SteamVR instead of Oculus.
  5. Bug report: since opting in to Windows Insider Programme, the Launcher does not render anymore (window is not visible when activating it) i think it loads correct but there is no way to bring it up.
  6. Yeah i was referring to the worldscale setting, i have it on 55 ipd normally, just trying to figure out what's giving me eyestrain
  7. Exactly the same about Odyssey, Index etc... just not THAT of an upgrade I'm doing the same, if this persists for a week, (currently i feel like having more eyestrain) then i'll sell my Rift. Can i ask what IPD setting you have in DCS ?
  8. I have been with oculus from day one, DK1, DK2, CV1, and now the Rift S, and it starts to really annoy me. Constantly the Touch controllers being out battery, even though i dont use them, i use VR anyways 95% for DCS and nothing else... it really was time for me to say good bye at least in parts. I never had gamebreaking issues with the Rift and got lucky all in all, but yeah... Just be aware that the Touch Controllers and WMR are not as good as oculus. You need a bluetooth capable pc or dongle to even use those bloody controllers. Saying that, they are still wrapped in my box that came with
  9. I'm still struggling to understand the advantage of using a program for Flares / Chaffs in the context of PVP, what do you guys that fly regularly PVP, bypass single dispense or actual prorgrams ? If the latter, why ?
  10. Upgrading an Oculus RiftS to Reverb ============================ Just a short Performance Report from my side (i7 9700k, 3.6GHZ OC to -> 5.0GHZ) I recently upgraded my Oculus Rift S to a Reverb (4320 x 2160) and... my 1070ti to a 1080ti everything tuned and optimized (OC, Process lasso, Reprojection etc.) Here's what changed / happened: Oculus Rift S to Reverb: Big Resolution Boost, much more clarity than the Rift S, smaller Sweet spot though (noticable), got used to it after about ~30 min. Jagged lines more apparent due to the insane resolution, much more intense blacks fo
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