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  1. Maybe a dumb question here, but how to show the glide path for traping? I don't follow the same path on every landing, rather do it by "instinct" or "feeling"... Which leads to either bolter, successful trap (but Jester talks about bolter...), or crash...
  2. I almost bougth it a while ago, good on me I didn't! They were asking US$1500 at this time...
  3. That's gonna be a great add to the tactical aspect! Will also force some pilots to fly less "instinctively"...
  4. Totally agree with you guys, simple photos will be great
  5. Could be even usable in SP campaigns, to unlock some details.on next mission
  6. Ok, thanks for your service and the time to reply!
  7. Oh thanks for the great info! Did you work on all 3 variants while in VF-101?
  8. Wow, another Tomcat thing learned! Didn't know TARPS had navigation system in it! Just thought nav came from the F-14 Photo recce limited capacity is OK for me
  9. Thanks! Bird seems to be more precise with them off
  10. Might be a dumb question, but how to turn SAS on? Am.going crazy trying to AAR... Managed to get the autorisation to connect message, but I go all over the place trying to connect... (am absolutely not relaxed, think it quite stressfull in fact, way more that traps...) Thanks in advance!
  11. Roger that, will check asap
  12. Nope. Problem, in my case, comes when I ask him the weapon selection through the wheel. When I do this, I automatically land in the RIO seat. He can select the stations I ask for, but I just land in the RIO seat, dunno why
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