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  1. Heres some more! Mosty recent crash. I actually got off the ground in one mission and was able to end the mission the right way by exiting it. In sam session though, I tweaked the shadows to medium and tried to load a mission and it crashed right away. dcs.log dcs.20210610-035639.crash dcs.20210610-035639.dmp dcs.20210610-035639.log dcs.20210610-035639.miz dxdiag.txt hash
  2. Thanks guys. I looked into both things; disabled the antivirus and firewall, and i did the SLOWWW repair . Still having major problems. Sometimes it crashes right after I take off, sometimes i cant even get off the ground, sometimes i cant even load the mission without it crashing. I have the settings pretty low too. And low on the NVIDIA 1080 Graphics card. I Attached the logs from the most recent crash. dcs.log dcs.log-20210610-023107.zip dxdiag.txt
  3. I really cant figure this out anymore maybve someone can figure this out? Logs attached. I didnt know which one to attatch . Please help? dcs.20210605-205530.log dcs.20210605-205530.crash dxdiag.txt
  4. what if windows crashes your shit (like it does literally every other session - DCS's fault the other half) and you have to do a full reinstall every week? Are they ever gonna go back to letting us download their software from torrents again so it doesnt take a full 24hr day? Not to mention how inconsistent their server is. Constant drop offs. I have literally spent over 1000 dollars on this fucking program.
  5. my hardrive was corrupted so I installed a slightly older one that had windows 7, in a last ditch attempt to try and get dcs running again. Ive included specs and my log file as attachment. Thank you ! Here's my specs: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name KATHLEEN-PC System Manufacturer Dell Inc. System Model XPS 8300 System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date De
  6. I got rid of those stupid extraneous files, ran repair and cleanup again, set all my graphic settings to low and managed to last one mission just trying the new a10c 2 and trying to figure out how to use the new weapons, which was frustrating in itself because I watch ways videos and I do exactly what he says and I cant always remember every step because it's a time based instruction which means I cant always catch every little thng he mumbles. One thing I really hate about this era of flight sims is that I LIKE Manuals! I like taking my time studying the instructions and referencing the manua
  7. Thanks guys, I think that C:\Users\mikey\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\Export.lua is something leftover from that virtual cockpit application, although I stopped using it and have cleaned and repaired dcs many times since. I have no clue why thats in there, the file has over 6000 pages but only the first has any code written on it. Not sure if thats just because wordpad isnt meant for this file or what.
  8. I am getting close to giving up on dcs but I thought I should at least post my log to see if anyone can make sense of it. I thought I had fixed it by turning off a lot of my graphics card features and only turningup the settings to dcs to high which runs fine. I have high disp. settings but most of the anti aliasing features begin to slow things down so i usually leave them off. It was running fine finally thought i fxed it, then after 2 sessions with no CTDs I downloaded and installed DCS Liberation, and tried playing a mission from that. I also turned on some AA display effects because I
  9. I've been downloading the new OB for the past 6 hours, why the @*&^#*! did they stop using torrents? 'Im assuming that's why it now takes about 30-40 times longer than before? That's not an improvement at all. Sorry I still feel like a noob after one year of playing DCS.
  10. No doubt that those pics look beautiful but Ive been on this forum and the bms forum long enough to notice a pattern of posts like "COMING SOON: F-104 Starfighter MOD by Iron Eagle productions (its really just one incel living alone who probably went to college for 3D design or something like that and are pretty good at what they do but lack the programming skills to necessary to do all the of the other work that goes into a module. The sudden slip into Alpha bro mode and the "calling out" routine was annoying, sorry. "get laid bro" (implying that johnny cakes over here was crushing pussy
  11. Anybody like this stuff by any chance?
  12. Ive been running it ok for the past year , if the mission isnt too packed with units it runs fine, its just that it stalls if it gets too busy
  13. I have an Intel Core i5-2300 with a base CPU speed of 2.8 GHz and 10GB of ram, windows 10 x64 based processor. I am running DCS Open beta on a CT500MX 500GB SSD. I am also using a paging file that currently has a total size of 127000 MB (75000 MB on the SSD and 52000 on the C:\ drive). I'm a little unclear on how exactly paging files work so if anyone has any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong with the paging file (or anything else) It would be much appreciated. As soon as I have some extra cash I'm going to buy more RAM but until then I wish I could figure out how to get rid of
  14. My D:\ drive is the SSD, which is where I have DCS, but the User folder is still in C:\. Do you think that creates problems? Also for some reason there are two different user folders that were created, Im not sure which one is being used.
  15. I think a little over 8. Perhaps I'll buy extra ram soon. Anything I can do to tweak it? Ive been trying to figure out which of the hundreds of extraneous windows background processces I can stop but its hard to figure out which ones are which.
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