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  1. Will this be turned into a production quality unit at some point, or will it remain as 3D printed parts?
  2. Yes, very good thing they worked on the compressor stall noises for the 2.5.6 patch. :megalol: I do want to see the difference between my B and the "terrible" A.
  3. F-14 is, by a far margin, the best fighter module in game. The feel is definitely there when flying. This is so hard to do in a video game, but I can feel the envelope in the Tomcat. Just wish the wings would not break off so easily but getting better at keeping them attached. Other planes I am basically waiting for AoA and Stall indicator lights to inform me. The Mirage and the F-14 are the only jets I really fly. The older the better in my book as well. F4 will be purchased when it is available. A6 will be purchased when available as well. I love all those planes as they were my childhood icons. And getting them right just has satisfaction. I mistakenly purchased the F18 thinking it was releasing complete. What a mistake. That plane has not left my hangar in at least a year. ED will not get any more purchases from me unless they are complete.
  4. A lot more is possible with the aircraft with invulnerability turned on so the wings don't fall off. The guy who posted the video does not speak english as his first language and he messed up the spelling.
  5. Will definitely be picking up the F4U as that was my favorite Navy plane of WW2. As for my favorite allied fighter, I want someone to make a P-40. That is one warbird that is a necessity for any WW2 plane sim.
  6. If you already have a WH could t you just switch to that when you want to brrrt? I for one have been waiting a long time for a more expensive warthog. My only question is if this will also fry the board randomly?
  7. No, we want the P40 not the buffalo. who wants a buffalo? Come on. At least a plane that looks good despite being way out matched. I really think you can have a buffalo with the i6 module. Just stick some USAF skin on it. LOL
  8. power5


    The 737 has trim and autopilot and it still likes to nose down... Too soon? I do not think the real Huey had trim, but does in DCS. Slight break in realism helps in the game world. I like to grab a beer during ferry, something I know the real life vietnam huey pilots would have loved. ;)
  9. Oh, only did a quick google and most things called it an agricultural plane, whatever that actually is. :music_whistling:
  10. new aircraft are always appreciated but not sure where an agricultural plane would fit into the gameplay of a military flight sim. :megalol:
  11. and then you would just now be getting HARMS... if it had HARMS...
  12. have installed this everywhere I can think of that matches the readme, still have baguette language in my cockpit. Does this go in saved files or the mods folder of the main directory? I installed it in mods folder first with no luck. INstalled it in the main liveries folder with no luck.
  13. I hope that maybe they can purchase the P40 work that was done by VEAO, who flew away, and finish it up as their next module. Then this plane would have a same era and similar performance adversary.
  14. Any screen capture software like Frapps, or even Nvidia Shadowplay. I mean it will not be a track for DCS to completely screw up but it will record exactly what you see as you play. So simply fly next to another player in MP and view their gear. :joystick::pilotfly:
  15. Does recess mounting of the LEDs lessen the angles that the LEDs can be seen from? Do you have a max angle that you have found it can work at when using a TrackIR sensor? It seems to work reading all these positive reviews, but it seems most other similar clips have the LEDs exposed slightly. I mean I am coming from the TrackIR trackclip so mine regularly loses track while looking at the bezels of my monitor. To be fair though, I do have an Ultrawide LOL. But I do not want the same issues. I would assume a 25 degree angle in any direction is plenty observable for the TrackIR sensor though, so how do I purchase?
  16. Love the F14 even though I get shot down a lot. I get shot down a lot in all my modules but this one looks the best while it is happening. LOL
  17. So looking to get a new HOTAS setup. My G940 is EOL at 8 plus years now. So the next option is to get a WH. But after reading through here, I am not sure what to do. I assumed a more expensive kit would be more reliable. Mine had no real problems in 8 years. The FF is becoming erratic at this point. So will be deactivating for now. WH seems to be a bit less reliable for the $200 more it will cost to get the Stick and throttle and a set of pedals. So is there a reliable way to not brick the throttle?
  18. How old? Trying to justify purchase, but if a $469 stick and throttle does not last, like one would expect from the constant reviewers claiming it is "super well made and will last forever", then I can just get a cheaper saitek setup.
  19. Do you have any racing pedals? I have seen people use them as rudders. Brake is left rudder, gas is right rudder. Why not get a cheaper setup so you can afford pedals? I know the pain. I am trying to justify purchasing the warthog as well. Have been searching every where for a great deal but cannot find any place selling for less than $469ish. :(
  20. and promptly crash it into the sea. Guys like this are just amazing to listen to.
  21. Did I miss the official template someplace? Do not see in downloads section. I am going to see what i can create with this as it seems to be well made. I will add this to all my other "dark" skins I have created. Now I need to figure out how to script the lua file. :helpsmilie: Thank you. Been looking for a while, didn't think to search outside the downloads section... :helpsmilie:
  22. Wait, which engine are we talking about here? ;) Does Arma engine only work on 1 core or something? :music_whistling: :pilotfly:
  23. Could you make a simple readme for this program? What is the number drop down to the right of the control selection? I assume its so there are multiple profiles. Is there a way to make it so that there is a single profile selection that carries the 3 control options with it? So profile 1 has a joystick, rudder, throttle settings with it. Instead we have to pick each one individually. Something I am okay with just wondering for quicker selection if there was a way to do so.
  24. Can you give some insight into making glovepie work like you state? How does that work without alt+tabbing out of the game?
  25. I am not sure how I missed this great program. I will be downloading and trying when I get home.
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