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  1. I voted too quickly and selected the first option. My real vote is the second since thus is something that I feel belongs in DCS as a default. I Don't believe there id that much work to get it in. Please add a +1 to option two and a -1 tho option 1.. :-D
  2. As a long-time member of the silent majority, I am torn. On the one hand I wish ED and all of it's partners the best in their endeavors to move our very much loved simulation forward. Unfortunately, their exists some unknowns in any forward-moving project and this appears to be feeding some of the posts I've read here today. On the other hand, I am concerned that I see a community split in the making. Some of this may be natural as the WWII simulation market had a following with as much fervor and resolve as our DCS community has. This is akin to two similar, but opposite forces meeti
  3. I am updating my video card to an EVGA GTX770 with 4GB VRAM -- my old 470 has been having HW failures which cause the driver to stop and recover (and sometimes not recover) and I can almost hear its dieing breaths :megalol:. Anyone have experience yet with the 770? I guess it's still fairly new. The model I am getting is the EVGA "Classified" that has their ACX cooler. How much difference do you think I will see (other than my power supply complaining :smilewink:). TIA for your answers.
  4. Well,, there are a few of us here that remember the no computer days ... I am 69 :clap_2:
  5. Maybe it's because that was my generation, or maybe because I was in SEA 69-70 as an Air Force gunner, but that was a very well done video tribute. My thoughts and prayers go out to the many KIA/MIA/POW. Thank you sir for putting this together and allowing me to share! :thumbup:
  6. This has the look of a promising program. I am in also. The F35 is one awesome machine. Best of luck and my support to KI and ED.
  7. No, we had a full squadron complement--don't remember the exact number. There were several models of gunship starting with the AC-119G (Shadow) which was the 17th Special Ops Squadron (SOS). I was in the 18th SOS with the AC-119K (Stinger). They were both converted C-119 cargo planes with side firing guns. The G model had miniguns and flares, the K model added 2 20mm canon to the miniguns and flares, and 2 jet engines hung next to the recip engines because we couldn't get off the ground with all the weight from guns, ammo, and crew. There was also the earlier AC-47 gunships. I traine
  8. Well, I'm getting into this thread late ... gotta pay more attention to Chit Chat! I'm retired and not finding it boring at all. Was USAF 1961-1981 and retired as a MSgt. (E7) -- served as an EOD technician/manager while in the Air Force ... spent a year in Vietnam/Thailand as an aerial gunner on AC-119K gunships back in 69-70. Went back to school and picked up a BSEE from Penn State in 1984 then worked as an engineer, program manager, and finally manufacturing manager for Burroughs/Unisys and finally Intel, where I retired for real in 2006. I'll leave it up to you guys as to my
  9. This is an excellent project, Peter, and if I can offer any assistance, please ask. What I would like to see is a section on how to position (and perhaps re-size) certain elements ... both in the UI and in the 3D world. For example, many of us have multi-screens one above the other for Helios or other use. It is hard to get things tweaked so that display items stay on one monitor or the other (F-10 map view, the kneeboard, radio menus, and the like). This is just going to get more complex as more modules are added. Hopefully, ED will soon settle down on the internal program structur
  10. Been here a while ... watching, reading most threads when I can, following trends up and down, helping when I am able, listening and soaking up the invaluable experience in these pages ... and buying releases/modules when I can (except P51 which interests me not). I remember the early days when pandemonium sometimes reigned on these forums because of an ED announcement or action. I remember the pure joy I (and I think many others) felt with A-10C when I loaded the beta...and it still gives joy years later--no WoW or BF3 or FPS can approach that longevity to cost ratio. I remember the
  11. Hey! I'm in Northern NJ and I don't smell anything sour up here ... air is actually kinda clean and fresh today. I think you been down in the Pinelands or on a tomato farm too long ;-)
  12. Is it possible this is a MP mission? Separate roles for AFAC and attack? I haven't downloaded yet so could be way off base.
  13. I lived in Vegas (NW area ca 1980, before the city swallowed it) ... and loved every minute. Where else can you barbecue in January and wear gloves in August--those steering wheels got hot--and have a back yard full of nut trees and citrus! But don't worry, it's dry heat. :lol:
  14. Well, some of us are getting older and I'd like to think there's still a chance to see it in this life. :smilewink:
  15. Can anyone point to instructions as to how to build a Modman folder structure. There are a number of neat mods and I'd like to convert them so I can do the remove-update DCS-reinstall dance.
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