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  1. x2 RB24J’s is all the Viggen needs. We were hiding in the clouds on the Swedish delivery mission cruising towards the SA sites. Felt pretty venerable getting merge calls when loaded to the neck with rockets.
  2. Shots from 'Swedish Delivery' round 2 & the always awesome 'Catch me if you can' mission.
  3. A picture and a nod for todays Swedish delivery, great to have it back Not sure what happened with the Sam's. I passed all the waypoints and could only find 2 EWR's. Had also the opportunity to try out the RB24 for the first time. Oh my they are useless. Found myself undetected behind a 21, and launched all 4 missiles within different ranges and they all decided to track the horizon. This was in level flight, 1G environment. I always thought the RB24's were like the K13/R3S.
  4. Two Towns is one of my favourite missions, but there is still a major FPS drop right around the bullseye. I wonder if it is the smoke or the ground troops that have the highest performance impact. It got to the stage that a dogfight was unplayable, with stutters that made me run for the hills.
  5. Tonight's Desert has eyes:
  6. I agree with you, the ground hugging is getting unrealistic and overdone. A lower cloud layer with sufficient elevation for strikers, but not enough for a dogfight would be a great solution. I think one of the reasons that flyers don't go on top is that they might be uncertain of their IMC flying skills. The cloud layers are usually broken, so pretty easy to descend thru, VFR on top conditions are possible.
  7. Maybe it is my DCS, but I could not spawn the SU25/T’s on the Desert has eyes mission. All other units were spawnable.
  8. From today's Catch me if you can:
  9. Well deserved win for Blue on Abu Dhabi, was a good fight
  10. I was in the 19 tonight, can’t remember who that was in the F5.
  11. Tonight's Hold the line:
  12. The weather on the current mission Open Range is 10/10! Nothing like a good ol’ dogfight between the cloud layers..
  13. Any chance we could get an airport traffic frequency so that departure and arrival callouts don't mix with combat chat?
  14. I love the Syrian missions, but as mentioned the tanks are hard to spot.. unless they are driving and revealing their position with a dust cloud. It’s realistic, and looks great, but bloody hard to find them all. Maybe if the objective capture areas were tighter, and in an open area, it would be easier to spot them. The AAA units are easy to spot though, they just love revealing them selves.
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