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  1. Play with the contrast settings. You can make the map darker and the text brighter, that helps my old eyes. And you can change the text colour. Or just turn the map off and keep the symbols. It is very hard to see sometimes with the map on.
  2. Beirut

    VSN New F-104 Mod

    I'll try it for a bit, but seriously, someone has to make a top shelf payware model.
  3. Just bought it while 3000 kilometers from home. I'm claiming the distance challenge win.
  4. It is a small(ish) map, but the eye candy is so delicious and there is so much to see, I find it much, much nicer than the Normandy map. For down low warbird action and helicopters, it's fantastic. And sightseeing. I've spent more time flying over it just for the pleasure of flying than I have blowing stuff up.
  5. Sorry, I'm a little late responding... but! As stated, the Ka-50 came with an RCAF skin. And to the best of my knowledge, the RCAF never flew the Ka-50. The point is simply that it would be undeniably easy to include a bunch of national markings and that would make for easier and more enjoyable flights and mission building.
  6. Channel map by a country mile. It's a much better looking map. It's not even close. I can't speak to multiplayer issues, but the Channel map is head and shoulders above Normandy as far as eye candy goes.
  7. As long as I get to keep my cool green high-tech Paveway-going-KABOOM! tv show on the MFD. I want the money shot payoff for fiddlin' them fifty switches.
  8. I'm surprised. I figured with all the toys added to the Hornet, it was a more modern plane.
  9. I just figured that since the Hornet is the Space Shuttle of Death with all the high-tech bells and whistles that its FLIR would (at least) match the Harrier's.
  10. I'm not one of the really hardcore techno-flyers so there are things I miss, but is the Horner FLIR display really that much blurrier than the Harrier display? The Harrier display, at night, is razor sharp and the Hornet is fuzzy. Would/should they not be comparable?
  11. And they got it from the home renovation guys. "When will the kitchen be finished?" "Two-weeks." Short enough not to drive the client crazy, but long enough to cover your ass if it takes forever.
  12. Pick one. (They are all the same in the flightsim game.) 1) - I have no ******* clue. 2) - Nobody has any ******* clue. 3) - Prior to the heat death of the universe. 4) - Two-weeks. That's where it stems from. It's all in fun.
  13. I'm certainly not disparaging the quality of the module, the plane is really nice. But I find two skins to be a bit thin, especially for a premium priced plane. And the skins don't have to be historically accurate. The Ka-50 came with an RCAF skin, and I'm fairly certain Canada operates exactly no Ka-50s at all. I suppose the point is that, and correct me if I am wrong, offering multiple skins is little to no trouble at all for the developers. Which makes me wonder why they don't do it. Hopefully more skins will be added.
  14. I'm thankful community members make skins for those us too artistically challenged to make our own. But for a premium price aircraft, maybe more than two skins would be nice. Two seems a bit............................. not very much.
  15. Yep. A black Lab would be good too. With a scarf and goggles. Seriously.
  16. Lovely plane. Looks great, sounds great, and I like the transition to and from the gunsight to flight position. But... Two skins? Is that really all the plane comes with? Two? As in less than three and only slightly more than, you know... one? Really?
  17. You see, post like that will make you a lot of friends.
  18. It would be nice to have it today along with a big fat update.
  19. Beirut


    Build 'em. DCS has a fantastic and easy to use mission editor.
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