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  1. Hello, I really enjoy this plane except for the very light feel it has on my MS FFB2. Other planes, the Harrier and F-86, are heavier, require a bit of push, and are more enjoyable to fly. Is there any way to make the F5 feel heavier on the stick? Thank you.
  2. As we can compare DCS to, well, nothing else that does what it does at the moment, it is what it is. And it's not bad at all. It can be a helluva lotta fun. Now gimme my carrier!
  3. But only a 50/50 chance of that.
  4. I'm a big fan of both flightsims. But IL2 is doing pretty good with the damage model. They just released a 2GB update yesterday and most of it was under the hood damage modeling. Seems pretty sophisticated. That said, the IL2 mission editor is a disaster and a headache and a pain in the azz all rolled into one. The DCS mission editor is much, much better. I use it for every flight. But again, I want both flightsims.
  5. I want it! I want it! I want it!
  6. That's a tough one. I feel your pain. But there's always a day before and a day after a sale. Maybe they could shoot you a freebie on a Spitfire or something. If you dropped $100 on one plane, you're good customer.
  7. Yeah, nothing going on with Steam right now. Maybe later. The F-16 was on demo yesterday on Steam, tried it, very nice, but not my style. I appreciate the chance to try it though.
  8. I hope the Steam sale is/will be on all planes at once. If the sale is only on the plane during the free trial, you don't get to compare planes and maybe buy the one you tried a few days ago because the one you're trying now doesn't suit your tastes.
  9. Very nice move. Very good move. Thanks. Looking forward to trying a few more of the planes. Pretty sure I'll buy one. And my pre-order carrier next week if it's still on schedule.
  10. Well my Harrier does land on carriers and I hope they make it interactive at one point.
  11. I'd love to have a trial with either of those planes. I'm 99% A2G.
  12. I think it has some benefit. I never would have bought the F-14 pre-trial, now at least I'm considering it.
  13. I think "disaster" is way overstating it. S*** happens. And then we fly.
  14. "Bugs" notwithstanding, it's really a fun little plane. I love it.
  15. Your build will be very close to my future build. Good economy build that will perform. I need the new CPU and MB. A 3600 might be the one. I bought the 2060 Super for the extra 2GB of RAM (8 instead of 6) a few months back. If you have the cash it might be a good idea. I'm glad I did. Can't have too much video card RAM as I understand it. The 8GB 2060 Super devastates(!) the 3GB 1060 I had. If you can, the most video card RAM you can afford.
  16. You're right. And I just looked at your specs and I'd grab a 3900X before a 9900K. I like that AMD seems to be putting in the effort and offering some good options at a decent price. The 3600, if it's on sale, looks like the killer bargain. 6/12 for maybe $200Cdn. That's pretty sweet. And in a lot of games the difference between a 3600 (not X) and a 3700X is, as stated, small. That frees up $200 with the 3600 over the 3700X. No small thing. For the OP, here's a good video on the 3700X vs. the 3800X:
  17. Oh, as for Intel. I would have no problem going with Intel if their prices dropped. As it stands, I wouldn't touch Intel unless I was rich and could get a 9900K and some fancy water cooling. But I'm not rich.
  18. Being a complete non-expert, allow me to share my suggestions. After watching 101 comparison videos, it looks like the 3800X gives you about 3% better performance over the 3700X. In Canada, the 3800X is $50 more than the 3700X. It's up to you if 3% is worth the $50. I would rather have the 3800X, simply because.... but I'm not paying the extra $50 for it. I'm going AMD when I upgrade my CPU (soon?), but it will be a 3700X. I just hope it goes on sale at one point. That said, if you watch the comparison videos, the difference between the 3700X and the 3600X ($140 cheaper) or the 3600 ($160 cheaper) is often very small. But with FS2020 coming out, I wouldn't mind the extra cores as it's rumoured it might use them.
  19. Finally got the Steam update and took a night flight around Dubai. Excellent! Love it. Two thumbs up.
  20. Beirut

    Easter Eggs?

    I love Easter Eggs. Didn't Falcon 3 have Godzilla on the Japan map and a giant faucet on Hoover damn? Ya gotta live a little.
  21. Thanks for the replies. Being a working class slob, I'm stuck between how to use my "flightsim money". For the price of the WH stick I could get a 3600X to replace my old i5 ands put that toward a new build. But the WH stick is fun NOW! Tough being a flightsim-head. Normal people just don't understand the stress we're under.
  22. Is it hard to change springs? I wouldn't use an extender, but maybe just to give it a heavier action.
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