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  1. Excellent! :thumbup: I've had my new 3700X rig going for about a week and it's night and day in DCS over my old setup. And though I'm not into RGB lights, I do like the Wraith cooler all lit up. The Channel was a slideshow before with anything but the simplest plane, now I can run the carrier with the F-18 and it's fine. Still playing with the settings, some options just destroy my FPS.
  2. I bought the 3700X instead of the 3800X because it was cheaper, draws less power so runs less hot, and is within the margin or error of FPS of the 3700X. But if you're happy with the 3800X, that's all that matters. We have the same power supply. But I have a 2060 Super and the Lian Li LANCool II case, which is really nice. Got a lot of good reviews. I have all the pieces, and if I can find the courage in my cup of coffee tomorrow morning, I'll start building my rig.
  3. I'm no expert, but I'm sure that getting a GPU with the most VRAM possible is the way to go. I got an 8GB 2060 Super and I'm very happy with it. I paired it with an i5 and saw a real jump in performance over my older 3GB 1060.
  4. Bought the 109 just for the experience of hopping the channel and seeing the radar towers and Spitfires coming at me.
  5. Cool. I had 8GB two-weeks ago, have 16GB installed now, and have another 16GB ready for the new build, sitting in a box. Hope it helps with the Channel map.
  6. I went with the 3700X. Comes with a good cooler, good clock speeds, and those 8 cores and 16 threads are definitely gonna get used somewhere. There's no doubt the 10600K is really good, but the price difference here was noticeable. $50 more for the CPU and I'd still have to buy a cooler on top of that. Honestly, at this level of expenditure, given that "this CPU" gets 117FPS on GTA V" but "that CPU gets 128FPS on Tomb Raider", maybe it's as simple as buy-what-you-like. I had the image in mind of replacing my old 4-core with a big fat 8-core/16/thread CPU with that nice RGB cooler on it and the little Ryzen logo - so I bought it. And if someone wants a 6-core dragster with a fancy aftermarket cooler on top, and it makes them happy - buy it.
  7. I'm not familiar with these sites, but sounds great as a map addition.
  8. I think some people posted 20GB+ usage on the Channel map. The Syria map might be a hog as well. And figuring FS2020, not sure if you're into that, will use a ton. I went 32GB.
  9. Nice! You're not far off a "best of" system. That should be sweet. I ended up going the Ryzen route. Figure it should handle DCS and FS2020 well enough. Have: 2060 Super 32GB DDR4 3200 MSI B450 Tomahawk max Crucial SSD Arriving soon: 3700X Corsair 750 Gold PSU Need: A case! Want the Phanteks P600S, but out of stock.
  10. Thank you for that. I thought I had responded yesterday, but it seems I didn't. Might just do a fresh d/l install.
  11. Hello, I'm about to build a new PC and, obviously, want to put (Steam) DCS on it. Is it as simple as uninstalling on the old Win7 machine and reinstalling on the new Win10? Or: I have DCS on it's own SSD. Can I just install that SSD into the new machine and it will be recognized? All parts and the OS are/will be new except for the GPU. Thank you.
  12. Going to try that. Thanks. But I'm still glad I have another 16GB on the way.
  13. Nothing wrong with a fictional map as long as it looks good, performs well, and isn't of such a stupid design as to bring outright ridicule. Like... Dr. Suess trees, going up the slopes of Mount Doom with buildings from The Jetsons in the distance. But then, who wouldn't want to fly over that?
  14. Thanks, I'll take a look at your site. And I have to admit I'm an Amazon fanboy. For all their faults, Amazon has given me great service through the years. I bought all the parts for my last PC there and I'm doing it again now. A bit OT: When the plague was in full swing two-months ago, and travel was cut off on the highways here and the grocery stores were nuthouses, I was able to send my kids emergency supplies right to their apartment via Amazon. Two deliveries to their door within days and they had enough food to go weeks even if they couldn't step outside their door. And then I slept well. So, yeah, I'm a bit of a fanboy.
  15. Amazon has the 10600K for $469, you're doing better than me. You're right about Intel owning the single core action, but Ryzen isn't that far off, it's cheaper, and I want the extra cores. The way FS2020 is looking, it might need them. No OC for me, stock is where it will stay.
  16. With a budget in mind, I'm looking at it this way: - 3700X is $413Cdn. - 10600k is $469 + $50 to $100 for a cooler It's $100 to $150 more for the 10600k. And I see the 3700X as certainly being good enough. If they were the same price, I might opt for the Intel.
  17. ] Hello, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm leaning towards the 3700X which has come down in price about $30 just this morning. It's at $413 now. I would consider the 3600 (no X) because it performs so well, and should be cheap, but it's way over it's normal price at almost $300. It should be $50 to $75 less. As it stands, for the extra $115 the 3700X costs over the 3600 right now, you get more cores and a much better cooler. That's a no brainer for me. But I'm watching the prices for a bit. No big rush. What I did rush for was an MSI Tomahawk Max B450. They have been out of stock for a while and all MBs are way overpriced right now. It popped up at a reasonable price and I ordered it on the spot. It's just a question of what goes in it. And I think the super expensive CPUs, though I would like to have one of course, are not really required. Is the extra 15% of FPS worth an extra 30% of your cash? For the price of a 9900K that doesn't even have a cooler, I can get a 3700X and a motherboard and 16 GB of RAM. Not a bad rig. And I'd still still have enough cash left over to order pizza and beer.
  18. A subscription would mean not a single penny of mine to DCS ever again. My choice as a consumer. I demand! my OpenBeta, bugs and all.
  19. I hope your parts are available. Lots of shortages and price hikes, but that could/should change in the next few weeks. Nothing wrong with the parts in your list. I'd grab a 2700X for myself, but the prices right now are insane.
  20. Amazon Canada has the 7700 for $500. That's more than the cost of a 3700X. It's so strange. On the plus side, they have a 6700K for the low low price of only $400. What a deal.
  21. Any upgrade these days has to take FS2020 into consideration. If it ends up being what they say it will be, no flightsim-head will be able to resist. My upgrade definitely has DCS and FS2020 in its path. I think I'm stuck on getting a 3700X at this point. Just want the prices to come down a bit, everything is high right now.
  22. I love this map! I'd love to have a few more FPS, but I love this map. Make more maps!
  23. I'll check that out, thanks. I'm on an i5-6500 now and I think a few more horsepower would be good.
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