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  1. And yet another reason for the Harrier. Even after all the updates, I can still load 3xMK83s on the inner pylons. So 6xMK83 and 8xGBU-12. What a great little bomb truck!
  2. Any word on if and when it kicks in? Thanks.
  3. Thanks. I have looked at Vaicom but there's something about it that makes my very small brain ache a bit. I'm sure I could figure it out, but there was some part of it that looked complicated. But I should assume then that Jester will work with Voice Attack alone, even if not as well as with Vaicom?
  4. No mod. The one that comes in the Harrier has much better definition and clearer picture than the F-16 or F-18.
  5. Cold Lake, Alberta. But then maybe it's just me.
  6. Granted I'm SP only and usually fly "light" missions, but I'm happy with the Syria performance with my 32GB RAM. Though I'm sure on MP with a lot going on this could change very quickly.
  7. Hello, I'm thinking about getting the Tomcat once the Steam sale starts and was curious if Jester works through Voice Attack. I've seen videos of the Jester wheel - under headtracking command I think - and was wondering if it could be controlled by saying the number beside the desired segment/command? So I can just speak a series of numbers and Jester will do my bidding? Assuming all those commands are on the keyboard of course. It may seem like a bit of a stupid question, but, well, there it is. (My Tomcat free trial only comes back up in about six-weeks.) Thanks.
  8. I kind of lost interest in the Harrier after the AGM-65 debacle, and the constant changes to how things work, but every time I get back into it I really enjoy it. And I'm back to flying it regularly. And Therio made a great skin that I really like: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318784/ And that hi-def MFD is second to none. It has the best res- of any MFD. Quality "kaboom!" viewing.
  9. All those poor AH-64 lawn darts... almost makes me sad. Almost.
  10. But we do, and thus the love. Would really like to see that new S-25-0 rocket on the Blackshark. That would be some lovely Kaboom!
  11. Excellent thread! I love my Blackshark and I've picked up some good pointers here.
  12. Maps, maps, and more maps. A new map makes every module you own feel new again.
  13. Me I wan dat! I bought the Mi-24 and pre-ordered the Apache, but the BS3 is what I'm looking forward to most.
  14. Happy Birthday Mr. Wagner. All the best. From a fellow Scorpio.
  15. Glad you said it and not me. Actually it's a gorgeous module. No question. And it has the Phoenix. That's probably most of its allure. Like the A-10 and the BRRTTTTT! Who would glamorize the A-10 if it lacked BRRRRTTTT?
  16. Ahhhhh, good point. Thanks. I only have a few hours in the Tomcat with the free trials. Gorgeous plane though. And nothing wrong with a little Rick Astley in your life.
  17. As I prefer A2G, I prefer the F-18. And while the dials and gauges of the classic jets are gorgeous to fly with, I also like the super high tech bells and whistles, and the F-18 has 'em, ...not to mention those moving "bricks" on the Tomcat display drive me nuts. But I still might buy the plane one day.
  18. Agree completely. And as an added bonus every update to the plane feels like aviation Christmas.
  19. I don't think it's a question of "above", it's simply that the map is a enjoyable, a bit of a test for graphics, and free. We get a Pacific carrier map - soon(ish) to be a WWII Pacific carrier map - and it's a footstep into a whole new region with a very nice looking, albeit limited, terrain. I really don't see any negatives. I see variety. And that's my favourite thing about DCS. I'm as much a critical PITA as anyone here, but I feel I have limited authority over what the ED programmers (should) do. And I love free maps. That said, I'm still waiting for my F-104. C'mon programmers! If you feel your lifespan is limited, then the need for focus is yours, my esteemed friend. I love my DCS sandbox. And what I love most is that it is a sandbox. Give me planes and give me maps. I'll do the rest.
  20. I did. If the map is well made, and covers some area of the planet Earth, I want it. Give me maps and give me planes. I'll figure out what to do with them.
  21. Agreed. I find the P-51D a friendly-to-fly fighter and the speed and weapons load are good. It was my first WWII fighter in DCS and I still like it the most of all the prop planes. I find the P-47 very finicky and not nearly as enjoyable to fly as the P-51. And the P-51 on sale, and will be soon on Steam as well.
  22. My TM16000/TWCS HOTAS. It's what I've got and I'm mostly happy with it. But thank god for Voice Attack.
  23. Steam is convenient. I'm not saying it's better than buying through DCS, but it is convenient for some people. And convenience is an excellent way to get people to part with their money.
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