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  1. IMHO, the DCS ME is fantastic! I use it for pretty much 100% of my flights. It's as easy to use as you want it to be. I just did a quick test and built "a mission" in 20 seconds flat. I put a plane in the air and a tank to kill on the ground. It's not a complicated scenario, but it shows how fast the basic elements are. Sure, if you want triggers and bells and whistles it goes uphill from there, but the basic layout is solid. Compared to "the other sim's" prehistoric and convoluted ME that forces you to actually leave the game in order to use it, and then to use multiple trigger/timing inputs to do the simplest of things, the DCS ME is lightning fast and convenient, and infinitely more fun to use.


    The DCS ME is one of the strongest selling points for me. Every flight is my flight, fast and easy. I think it's great. :thumbup:

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  2. 24 minutes ago, razo+r said:

    Which continent?


    Canada. (We've renamed North America.)


    24 minutes ago, razo+r said:

    But usually look for PvE servers, they're a good start. Or the aerobatic ones.


    Thank you.


    My MP button is greyed out, do I need to make an ED account before it pops up?

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  3. Morning,


    Could someone please suggest a low stress server where someone who hasn't done MP in twenty-years (literally) could try it out and not get yelled at and/or shot down within three-seconds of joining?  Even if there is no combat that would be fine, maybe preferable. I have a decent rig and good net. I'd be happy to join with a bunch of older guys who just fly around in circles and talk about their grandkids. I'd like to start as mellow as possible. 



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  4. 4 minutes ago, _Redwing_ said:

    JoNay is right - if you can find a human RIO, that's absolutely the way to go.  If not and you're flying alone, then I still think VAICOM is preferential to the Jester wheel.  


    I wouldn't mind riding in the back seat. I think it would be pretty scenic and kinda cool. You're working your radar and the whole world is just whoopin' around at high speed outside the canopy. I think it would be interesting.


    4 minutes ago, _Redwing_ said:



    In the "go big or go home" category, if you find yourself looking for more information on the F-14, you can purchase the USN Pilot Operating Manual for the F-14 (NAVAIR 01-F14A.A.A-1) in two volumes on Amazon - F-14 Tomcat Pilot's Flight Operating Manual Vol. 1: United States Navy: 9781935327714: Books - Amazon.ca

    Enjoy the Tomcat.  


    I have to admit I'm still in the "go home" stage. But that might change.

  5. 34 minutes ago, Callsign JoNay said:

    Screw VAICOM, learn both seats and find yourself some human beings to fly with. Nothing is better than a section flight with all four seats occupied.


    Is drinking permitted or outright encouraged? 

  6. 4 hours ago, Dangerzone said:

    Would refunding on steam and buying direct be a work around to this? Just a thought. 

    Steam honoured my refund request in about three-hours but I won't see the cash back in my Steam wallet for a few days. They say they don't usually refund after 14 days, but my pre-order was from October. This one of the reasons I like Steam, it does offer certain conveniences.

  7. I ended up getting a refund from Steam on my Apache pre-order today - and then bought the Tomcat - just a few hours before I read about the delay. Serendipitous, I guess. It just hit me with the last video(s) about the Apache that it was going to be a very complicated module. I have no doubt it will be excellently crafted, but my brain can't handle a helicopter with an A-10C II level of complexity, which is what this thing looks like. That's just beyond my mental snack bracket.


    My heart belongs to the Ka-50 and will surely be stolen by the BS3. But I'll try the Apache in the free trial and see if I can wrap my head around it. There's no question is looks freakin' cool.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, NineLine said:

    We just shared this today:


    We have a lot of core things going on, some take a lot longer to get right than others. Our focus remains on current projects and the core as always.

     I don't know when the next module after the AH-64D will be announced or teased, but new modules are part of what keeps DCS afloat, it has to be a balance to keep the lights on.



    Ooooohhhhhh.... that's really nice cloud action! :happy:

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  9. I'm going to look into VAICOM, but for the moment I'm busy just fiddling with all the buttons. I did manage to Phoenix a couple of angry birds with Jester, that was cool. And one thing about the F-14, it's the only plane I fly with the mirrors on. Most of the time I find the mirrors annoying, but in the Tomcat I find they have to be on. I don't know if that means anything, but there it is.


    I figured the skin was appropriate since the Tomcat was invented in Canada. :happy:

  10. I put off buying the Tomcat for a long time, tried the trial, but never had a love affair with it. But I finally got it and paid attention to detail after watching a lot of tutorials recently, and it's great. (Fortunately Steam refunded my AH-64 pre-order, decided I wasn't into it. So I have some extra flight dollars) Just did my first landing and it was pure flying bliss. No space shuttle HUD, actually had to fly it in, and when Jester called out "1000'... 500'..." it was just damn good fun. Have Jester on Voice Attack, no VAICOM yet, but it's workable - not that I've done much more than look around. But the quality of this plane is off the charts. Now I see why so many of you are as enthusiastic as you are.

    Anyway, just felt like venting some positive flight-vibes. Time to climb Mt Learningcurve. 


    20211126090240_1 - Copy.jpg

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  11. 11 hours ago, Rongor said:


    Of course it's your individual choice but why would you waste a 5 way switch on a HOTAS for something you won't ever need in flight and even very rarely when on ground?


    This is why I am such a big fan of Voice Attack. My Thrustmaster 16000/TWCS HOTAS has a decent about of buttons, but never enough. With Voice Attack it makes flying so much smoother and more fun. Best $10 you'll ever spend in flightsimming.


    End of fanboy rant. 

  12. I'm not a stickler for super high-fidelity WWII modules, though I own several. Though I insist on HF in jets.


    But the closer for DCS warbirds - as opposed to other WWII sims -  is the glorious DCS map selection to fly them over. Makes all the difference.

  13. 10 hours ago, Wichid said:

    I got the Av8B a few days ago and it's a really great module. 


    Beauty! Enjoy. And don't forget the carrier action and that great night vision cockpit.


    The Harrier is still one of my top three.


    10 hours ago, Wichid said:


    If there's one thing I think could use updating, it is the canon sound. The rest of the sounds are 10/10.


    Agreed. The gun sound is weak.

  14. 46 minutes ago, Mike Force Team said:

    From what I read in ED, they do not like people discussing politics.  If someone asks for a DCS map for Taiwan and mainland China, ED is likely to say "not planned."  Ok on this subject.

    What are some of the other "no-no" topics ED does not want people to discuss?




    It always goes bad, not sure why.

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  15. 9 hours ago, Hardcard said:


    If you can't figure it out, try VoiceMacro, it's free, it has no profile / macro limit and it works quite well (as long as your mic is configured properly and you make command tests before alt tabbing back to DCS)


    Here's the tomcat B profile I'm currently using (40 commands so far), you can import it:

    Tomcat B.xml 66.86 kB · 1 download

    PS: You'll need to modify some of the commands in that profile, since they rely on custom bindings I made (under Jester AI).
    Also, the six communication commands at the bottom of the list use the "ç" key ( OEM_2 (? /) ), which your keyboard might not have... they're pretty specific to the server I usually fly in, so you can just ignore / delete them.



    I'll take a look. Thanks. :thumbup:

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