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  1. Agreed. I find the P-51D a friendly-to-fly fighter and the speed and weapons load are good. It was my first WWII fighter in DCS and I still like it the most of all the prop planes. I find the P-47 very finicky and not nearly as enjoyable to fly as the P-51. And the P-51 on sale, and will be soon on Steam as well.
  2. My TM16000/TWCS HOTAS. It's what I've got and I'm mostly happy with it. But thank god for Voice Attack.
  3. Steam is convenient. I'm not saying it's better than buying through DCS, but it is convenient for some people. And convenience is an excellent way to get people to part with their money.
  4. I think Steam offers a useful service for ED. While Steam does take it's slice of the pie from the seller, and perhaps has shorter sales periods for the buyer, it offers me enough convenience so that I will keep buying DCS modules. Still not sure why I started DCS with Steam, but I did, and here we are years later.
  5. I read the book many moons ago, back in the 80s. But I still like a good movie. Lynch FTW!
  6. Hmmm, to movie review or not to movie review, that is the question...
  7. Love me some F-111. I'd buy it for sure. Got to sit in one at an airshow.
  8. Next to a payware F-104, that's my dream.
  9. Not sure why I started with DCS on Steam, but I've been happy with it. And I always keep my Steam wallet with a few bucks in it in case DCS hits us with a surprise.
  10. Cows are always needed. And I would imagine the manpower spent on the cow FM* would measure in minutes. *Feed Model.
  11. I disagree. A free start is a great introduction. I flew DCS for free for a while, decided I liked it, then decided I had to at least get the A-10A... and now 25+ modules later, I'm still here. And waiting for my pre-ordered Apache to arrive no less. The free start was a highly successful way for DCS to get me to happily part with a solid chunk of my cash.
  12. I remember flying another sim way back when and occasionally looking in on DCS to see what it was all about. I remember seeing these loooong list of fixes posted regularly, like: -Paint chip vector impact on AIM-9M below 3G turn -Astounded thrust now properly modeled on Mi-8 -Cup holder in Harrier fixed, coffee unobstructed by MFD on Caucasus map ...and on and on and on and on and on. I always wondered what the hell are these people on about? Now I know and I heartily approve and DCS is 95% of my flightsimming.
  13. Well, I think kind of has to. Now I'm not arguing with you, I enjoyed your post. But I think it has to be a flightsim first, otherwise all else kinda falls flat. Now, I'm looking at this fresh off a 6000 kilometer round trip, at 37,000' no less. I was surprised we were that high. I thought 30 to 32k' was standard. The point being that so much of it is the small details about flying; your ass falling asleep after 2000k, it's really loud, it's confined, and the view is just freaky. Maybe I'm not even sure what the hell my point is. But I am definitely looking at DCS with a fresh eye after a long flight. And after hours of looking at the window, checking out the geographic features and (somewhat psychotically) mentally planning out on LGB runs on those farms way down there, I'm liking what DCS is offering as far as the flight simulator part of it goes. And I do fly it often just as that. That's it. I'll go back to my beer.
  14. I Agreed. I'm not a hardcore tech-flyer like many here, but I like that I have to catch up to the sim rather than wait for the sim to catch up to me. I like that there are still things I don't know how to do in every module I have bought. Always something new to learn and to do. I always want DCS to be smarter than me - granted, that's not much of a challenge - but I like having a techno-sim that offers the hardcore flying experience but lets me dumb it down so I'm not frustrated but still immersed and having a good time flying. As for repetitive, yes. It's airplanes going fast in the sky. But that's what I like about it.
  15. Play with the contrast settings. You can make the map darker and the text brighter, that helps my old eyes. And you can change the text colour. Or just turn the map off and keep the symbols. It is very hard to see sometimes with the map on.
  16. Beirut

    VSN New F-104 Mod

    I'll try it for a bit, but seriously, someone has to make a top shelf payware model.
  17. Just bought it while 3000 kilometers from home. I'm claiming the distance challenge win.
  18. It is a small(ish) map, but the eye candy is so delicious and there is so much to see, I find it much, much nicer than the Normandy map. For down low warbird action and helicopters, it's fantastic. And sightseeing. I've spent more time flying over it just for the pleasure of flying than I have blowing stuff up.
  19. Sorry, I'm a little late responding... but! As stated, the Ka-50 came with an RCAF skin. And to the best of my knowledge, the RCAF never flew the Ka-50. The point is simply that it would be undeniably easy to include a bunch of national markings and that would make for easier and more enjoyable flights and mission building.
  20. Channel map by a country mile. It's a much better looking map. It's not even close. I can't speak to multiplayer issues, but the Channel map is head and shoulders above Normandy as far as eye candy goes.
  21. As long as I get to keep my cool green high-tech Paveway-going-KABOOM! tv show on the MFD. I want the money shot payoff for fiddlin' them fifty switches.
  22. I'm surprised. I figured with all the toys added to the Hornet, it was a more modern plane.
  23. I just figured that since the Hornet is the Space Shuttle of Death with all the high-tech bells and whistles that its FLIR would (at least) match the Harrier's.
  24. I'm not one of the really hardcore techno-flyers so there are things I miss, but is the Horner FLIR display really that much blurrier than the Harrier display? The Harrier display, at night, is razor sharp and the Hornet is fuzzy. Would/should they not be comparable?
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