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  1. You're allowed to have some fun. It's your box of electro-LEGO, you can do what you want. I think fun is half the reason I got an NVME. I wanted one, it was fancy, affordable, and easy to install. I built my own rig and I enjoyed throwing in some of that high-tech stuff.
  2. 128GB of RAM? That an awful lot of RAM. Even 64GB of RAM is luxury level for gaming as I understand it. You don't want to use the savings for something else?
  3. That is probably/certainly beyond my brain power.
  4. It absolutely will run, but you will have to adjust the settings to get good FPS. But you can have a lot of great flights, no question. Not sure about the planes, but maps like Syria and the Channel might not run very well on those specs. Like Sn8ke_iis said: "Download and find out". And don't go rushing out to buy planes. Get into the free Su-25T. It's a lot of fun, has a ton of firepower, and if you find you are comfortable handling the weapons systems, then you'll know if you will be happy with more complicated planes. If you find the Su-25T too complicated, you won
  5. I put DCS and other Steam games on a dedicated 1TB M.2 NVME. Is it faster than an SSD? Not sure. Do I like it? Yes! I want every 1% of advantage I can squeeze out of available hardware. And the M.2 drive is nice and neat and clean and sits on the MB all snugly and warm and has my flightsims on it. I built my own rig, I like having some fancy stuff, and a good NVME isn't going to break the bank. Dedicated flightsim M.2 NVME? Why the hell not.
  6. That's me too. Obviously the F-16 is really nice, but it's a couple of bucks and - I might get killed for saying this - it brings a difference of style more than substance over the F-18. Single seat, fast, modern, US, same weapons but less of them, lots of similarities. And all new systems to learn to fire those same weapons. The real thing is if it "grabs you". If it does, then it's yours. If it's questionable, wait for the next sale and get Syria.
  7. Try out the free Su-25T, really get into the systems (as they are) and see how happy you are managing the guided missiles and other weapons. it will give you a proper taste for free and let you know how comfortable you might be with more complicated modules like the F-18, which is much, much, much more complicated than the SU-25T. Besides, the SU-25T is a riot. Fast, tough, and launching rockets and missiles the size of telephone poles never gets old. It's a great plane. And did I mention it's free? There will be no love with a keyboard and mouse. A half-broken moldy co
  8. Syria. The F-16 is gorgeous but if you already have the F-18 it's kind of more of the same. On the other hand, the Syria map will give new life to every module you already have. More maps is good maps!
  9. At first I thought it was good but not great. But the more I fly it the more I like it, especially in a chopper. Get the lighting and haze right and it looks fantastic!
  10. I just hope DCS does a Cryptocurrency MK II with the 30mm bitcoin cannon and improved ethereum targeting pod. That would be cool!
  11. Because ED wants us to enjoy blasting Apaches out of the sky in our lovely brand new Blacksharks.
  12. It did just get a nice cockpit makeover, for free. That's not nothing. I just bought it (on sale!) and I think it's great. And if BS3 comes out and I get a discount on the upgrade, I'll be delighted.
  13. I like the lights. And I'm convinced there is a hidden code in there; break them in the right order and a special screen pops up saying "YOU WIN!" and Wags sends you a case of beer.
  14. Just one more for the love of BRRRRRRTTTT! Ya gotta get it.
  15. The F-18 is fantastic, and the Persian Gulf map is a very good map. The Supercarrier is nice, I've had it since it came out, but if you're not sure you'll use it to its full interactive potential, you can get by with a normal free in-game carrier and use the cash for another plane or map. I'm not saying you should or shouldn't buy it, just as long as you know you can still do some carrier action for free. You must get the A-10A. It's almost free ($7.50), super easy to use, has a huge A2G payload, and you get to BRRRRRTTTT! with the 30mm cannon. You just have to have it. It's one o
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