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  1. Yeah, that's the problem. I'd buy the Viper and Tomcat at 50% today just for the cool factor and the fun of flying. But at (about) 66% and 85%, as is offered on Steam, no. And to be honest I kind of have everything I want. Unless there is an extra-special discount - like 50% for the Viper and Tomcat - I'm done buying existing modules I think. More planes and maps, please.
  2. I'm actually comfortable on Steam (god forbid), and my wallet can't be moved anyway, and there are a couple of bucks in it just for future DCS purchases. That said, if I could get the Viper and Tomcat at 50% off (on Steam), I'd probably buy both today. That would be very hard to resist.
  3. I use Steam, but I installed a stand alone for the trials. Not a problem at all. But I guess there is no way to get that tasty 50% off a stand alone purchase and transfer the module to Steam?
  4. I always heard the Harrier didn't have burnout modelled.
  5. I'd prefer the BS3, but this is pretty cool.
  6. Anticipation of something due. Fun is where you find it.
  7. Never considered this plane, but after watching a Grim Reapers review, I think it's my next purchase. And the FM got some love as well from what I've seen. Looks like a great plane for sightseeing and cloud skiing.
  8. I just land. And if anyone on the carrier gets pissy about it, well, that's what Mavericks are for.
  9. But if you were Japanese you might like that. There are skins that are scenario specific, and then there are skins that just make the plane or chopper feel a bit more like it's yours and more fun to fly. I think having a lot of national markings is a big plus. I was on the fence with the Ka-50, but when I saw that it had an English cockpit option and came with a Canadian skin, I bought that sucker. Sometimes you just need that little shove to be on the other side of the purchase fence.
  10. Worked. Thanks. Listen, I'd like to not have to go to work in a half-hour, could you tell me what settings to change, please?
  11. Got the same thing. Sh*t happens. I'm sure it will be worked out soon.
  12. You may be right, but for me it has a lot to do with the cockpit layout. I just don't like it. I may be the only one, but there it is. I find it a bit too minimal out front and the MFDs are hard to see with my 50+ year-old eyes. I find the Harrier cockpit to be just about perfect, and the Hornet is very good, even with the canopy bar in front. The F-16 makes me feel like I will forever be squinting. Steam approved my refund in about an hour, but they always make you wait a day or two to put the cash back in your wallet. Punishment and deterrence I guess.
  13. And the ride is over. Within five-minutes I knew I didn't enjoy it and hit "refund". The speed is nice, but I don't like the cockpit and I don't feel the love, and for $80Cdn, I better really like the plane. I wanted to like it, but I don't. I'm just a Hornet slob I guess. I appreciate the positive feedback though. On the plus side, this means more Vipers for the rest of you.
  14. Well, I bought it (on sale). I can't fly it until I'm back from work, but it's nice to have it waiting. And since I'm on Steam I can try it for two-hours and if it really doesn't grab me, I can return it. I bought it for the dogfighting and the high speed runs. I'm not much into A2A but I did some gunfights in the Hornet yesterday and it was fun. And apparently the F-16 is better. I don't see getting into too much A2G with it except to do fast hit and runs with dumb bombs. I'll leave the fancy guided ordinance to the Hornet and the Harrier. Planes are cool!
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