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  1. I'm probably necroing but this is happening for my Su-25T as well. I was playing the training mission for CCRP bombing and one landing was slightly botched up. My tyres are intact but bent, this causes my plane to veer left at all times. However requesting repair never fixes this. Rearm/refuel is fine. Minvody is my base (it's the default RTB base anyway). The RShift + RCtrl + Tab to respawn also does not work.
  2. SAAHS bit check still not happening? I hit the button in the BITS page and the highlight disappears and the training even continues, but I didn't see any indication that it was conducted.
  3. There is a pocket guide that just lists the sequences to do during preflight, takeoff landing and so on. But a proper illustrated cockpit description and flight manual is not present, like they have for M2000-C, also made by RAZBAM. Can we have one any time soon? I am having difficulty locating various gauges and indicators that the instructor is referring to all of a sudden.
  4. Don't want to get into Open Beta, at the same time DCS modules are complicated enough that I'd need some handholding with comprehensive training chapters. Guess I'll have no choice but to uninstall this one, good thing I chose Hornet over this when the sale was on (both cost the same). Any particular reason F-16 tuts are open beta exclusive? The software updates can wait till stabilization, but a mission created cannot be that buggy, right?
  5. +1 and not just for this module... Just allow assigning a key to let the text go away.
  6. Why so, even though the actual product is not beta-only? What crime did stable users commit to be kept out of this? JF-17 I could understand since the whole thing, even when paid, is beta exclusive. This one even installed on my stable copy, the missions also start, just I'm unable to control a warthog because of the activation thing. Does ED just want people to use beta more and as an incetive give free trials on beta only? Then why keep the stable version and call beta a "beta"?
  7. You know, one with all the maps and legends of all the airbases like they have for Caucasus aerodromes. Also is it mentioned for Su-25T what are the airbase IDs? Su-25T manual has them for Caucasus but not other maps.
  8. Did anyone else notice that after starting up one engine in the pilot cold start tutorial the aircraft slowwwwly keeps sliding backwards? In spite of parking brakes on? Is this normal? :lookaround:
  9. Then why is the tutorial expecting me to check it? I just get a weekend to test it for free and given complexity of DCS modules I will barely clear just the tutorials before it expires. Not enough time to even decide whether it's worth buying given it always gets the least discount during sales (finally got Persian Gulf and F/A-18) and I'm running into broken stuff in the very first cold start tutorial itself... Please fix the module or the tutorial.
  10. Okay... And no resolution thus far? And to avoid confusion, in flight if one of the engines fail, which engine control/display gauge will correspond to which actual engine?
  11. I tried to do the freebie Su-25T CCIP bombing tutorial with these on. I even selected to "use these settings for all missions" but nope, fuel keeps going down and bombs don't reload when launched. I repeatedly have to fly back to an airbase nearby (compared to which a restart is faster). Can't these settings be applied for tutorials?
  12. I just went towards the TACAN selected heading at very low speed and got into within 10 nm, after which I checked out runway shape and then maneuvered to visually line up with the runway heading, hoping I'm not taking the 180 degrees opposite heading XD Later on I just started checking the Caucasus aerodrome chart to figure out the right heading for my runway.
  13. This is exactly what I'm expecting. In which case, they need to do the exact same thing for INS update. When you update, displacement vector between actual wp and your position is the drift that need apply to all waypoints in the course.
  14. I don't really understand DCS SDK coding but can it be really that difficult? Basically the PREP'd waypoint lat/long has to be copy-pasted directly into current aircraft lat/long position, as soon as you hit the rec button, that'd be all it's gonna take. After val, all waypoints as recognized by INS get shifted by the same offset vector w.r.t. flight plan wpts as the current deviation between your PREP selected flight plan wpt and your set position for that wpt (provided perhaps your rec value also has some minor error). Now for radar correction it can be a little bit more complicated,
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