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  1. Excellent, thanks Bailey
  2. Hi Neil, and welcome to the world of DCS
  3. Cant wait to check this out. Still i'll need to learn to fly a helo first.
  4. I’m looking at upgrading my graphics card, at present I have the NVidia RTX 2070 super. I’m thinking of the RTX 2080ti, but there's more than one version out there, it’s confusing, and the range in price is big too. So what one do you guys recommend for DCS? Looking at my motherboard and all the jargon, I’m hoping it will be supported too. I have an Asus Tuf Z390-plus gaming. Or i could wait for the 3080ti that’s rumoured to be out this year. Decisions https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/TUF-Z390-PLUS-GAMING/specifications/ Integrated Graphics Processor- Intel® UHD Graphics su
  5. dave-uk

    April Fools!

    Being stuck offshore I can only enjoy reading the forum, and reading manuals. But this tread saddened me a little. So much negativity where I’m sure the guys at ED were just trying to lift people’s spirits and have some fun. I watched a few YouTube videos and found it very funny. But I can see the frustration if you’d just completed a 4-hour mission, then gear down and either you win or don’t win. Well done ED, you made me smile.
  6. Looking online TM do sell a replacement part for $27, the part in question is called Articulation Sphere Edit or https://www.shapeways.com/product/W5CPM2W6S/articulation-sphere cheap and then you'll have two Stuart :)
  7. How old/how long have you had your Stuart? I bought one in January from Amazon. Be keen to know if its a known fault, and TM have rectified it on new models. It not a cheap bit of kit. Hope you get a replacement soon mate, are you still going for the TM brand?
  8. Welcome Pete, and well done on your success, it took me shall we say lots of attempt to land on a carrier, mostly crashing into the back of it, glad i have a rest button :)
  9. Great i only bought my HP Reverb a few months ago. :cry:
  10. Welcome to the forum Tiger.
  11. Welcome Diesel, and well done for the A2A skills.
  12. Welcome mate. Enjoy the flying and learning
  13. Would ground effect come into play as you fly onto the deck?
  14. Took full advantage of the sale, thank you ED, shame im stuck offshore with only this forum to view :) I did buy the heli bundle yesterday morning for $69.99, but then noticed an hour or so later the sale price was cut some more to $34.99 :( Wishing you all the best folks, happy flying
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