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  1. This has been a revelation of knowledge. Than you everyone. Sledge
  2. Ah ha I see. One for FS2020 then by the sound of it. Thanks David Sledge
  3. AHHHHH! Ok I get you. No, it was never armed; all safe from the start of the mission. I now know what it is; there are two things going on here. By coincidence I was opening the valve at the same time as hitting the wake, which I didn't even know was a thing. Never heard of it, and I didn't know it was an option to turn on or off. I'm sure one can avoid it - in fact I think I can see from diagrams that approaching from the correct angle achieves this - but I'm going to turn it off for now; don't nobody need that sh** as a novice:D It's tempting to try it with something more stable but I'
  4. Hello all, Checking in - one month fly-by and a few home truths. I am enjoying learning the A-10C and its systems. I haven't joined any MP servers yet; I just don't think I'm good enough but I am improving. Looking back to just a month ago, I know now that I set my sights too high for how fast competency can be achieved. In fact, setting any target has proved problematic because, well, just being able to 'do' something, doesn't mean you can do it competently or well. I've learned that this is important and my own analogy is that it's like learning another language: you can learn the w
  5. Nah everything was safe. I haven't done much weaponising anyway but trying not to shoot anything now until I can do this Do you mean AP/Autopilot? I can't think that opening the fuel valve would do that (PAC)...but if it does...wtf...why? Anyway it's moot because PAC wouldn't be engaged unless I pull the trigger stage 1?? Sledge
  6. Ok I seem to have hit a wall. Although not perfect my approach to pre-contact is def improving, so my join up is getting better. BUT...as soon as I open the fuel valve the A-10 goes into what I can only describe as stall/spin. I am trimmed ok with some stick pressures to maintain and get to pre-contact, but as soon as I open the valve - BOOM. All over the place. Am I doing something obviously wrong? Sledge
  7. Hello all, Thank you for the thoughts and ideas. It's improving. I think the switch to vanilla Warthog has made a positive difference; the trim doesn't feel so harsh...but I'm also aware that this may be me improving finer control a little. Not there yet. Going to make some basic formation missions as well as keeping up circuits and bumps and head-butting tankers. Sledge
  8. Hello all, Couldn't find the perfect spot but this looks about right. Anyone got experience of or comments regarding the use of Navigraph with sims in general and DCS World, in particular? Looks very interesting for immersion. Sledge
  9. Hey Bob, I'm hoping that if I can crack it in the A-10C I'll be able to do it in anything. That's in the future though. For the moment I believe I have been christened 'TankerKiller' by the AI. Onwards (..and less downwards with the flaming jetfuel). Sledge :joystick:
  10. Hello all, Thank you for the continuing input. This is all VERY useful stuff and I am certainly going to try reverting to the vanilla Warthog settings and change up/down the curves etc. The change to non-modifier trimming will help, although I still have a lot of 'feel' to develop. I've decided that, until I can AAR in the A-10C...well, I've decided to AAR until I can actually do it. Watch this space! Sledge
  11. LOL @deadpool Yup, that's just about right! Seriously though, it's all about trim: I get that. I'm flying the A-10C (I know, maybe not the best to start with but I'm trying to stick with it|) and I just can't get it trimmed for level flight, and I'm trying every time I go up to do it. But in the end I give up and auto-pilot just to get a break and get on with a mission or something else. I can SORT of get it trimmed for pitch by balancing the throttle but the roll is never right. In any case the inputs - even the slightest flick on the stick or tap on the keyboard - seem to be enough to
  12. Anyone that can do it should be burned as a witch! That is all! Have a nice day :)
  13. Hello all! Snap view zooms in a little too far on avionics panels, for my liking. For example when snapping to the CDU or MFCDs some of the relevant clickables are not visible. Is there a way to adjust the zoom level in a config file or smth? Cheers, Sledge
  14. Great contributions. Many thanks, both. Was able to do a hud-off/mfcds-off smooth night landing last night so progress made thanks to the comments here. On with the practice! My plan is to start with weapons in February as long as I can get the basics and the bird up and down safely at all times by then! Sledge
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