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  1. Oh, that's outstanding... I can continue cycling through and shooting down my own Amraams, yea! Well, I was planning on doing some tests related to this 'feature', hoping the fix was done...
  2. Sorry, I'm out. Hey, not that far in the future, who knows... I stocked up on aluminum foil already.
  3. Well... if Wags fired any Amraams in TWS in this vid thus doubling the number of radar tracks on the scope, then... what's that? Oh, R77 tracks heading his way, the discussion would probably be longer, hehe. ... just taking a 'jab' Wags was probably using an updated build.
  4. I'm beginning to miss that century. So... how do you convince ED without TAC manuals?
  5. @brodie4598 So... have you figured it out yet? I don't know why but I get intrigued by unsolved mysteries like this. Does this happen on every airfield (starting and taxiing from the same ramp spot)? Only in the Hornet? I wasn't able to d/l the track.
  6. I did a little experiment. Took off with full blowers and let the speed build up to 350 then slowed to 300 and raised the gear with no problems, no faults or broken gear doors. The door will blow off 'probably' at around 370, 380. The gear will still raise after hitting 400 (you have to slow down to fully raise it) but something will bend or cause the fault, besides w/o the door the horn will be hollering. If you raise it at 340 or 350, the door will blow (when closing).
  7. Weird one... I assume you tested this in single player, starting on the runway or... in the air, landing full stop then taking off again?
  8. IA improvising is probably the cause and that's what I was thinking too. What drives me nuts that 3 or 4 times I was able to record an event involving 8 v 8 AI + me, shooting a wall of Amraams with everyone turning and burning and the replay showed no problems. It was in one of the older builds but I couldn't figure out what made a difference. It happened consistently, few times in a row when recording complex missions. One thing I remember is that I used a specific area on the map over and over for weeks, without wiping out FXO and meta2 folders but... I don't think that had anything to do with it. I'm only talking single play here, perhaps w/o AI in MP things are more settled?
  9. Start in the air and have a 1 v1 turning fight. It doesn't have to be a gun fight, even in BVR. once the missiles start flying, defensive maneuvers will throw the track off within seconds.
  10. Yea but if everyone is perfectly logical it gets boring.
  11. Let's just 'share' everything... controls, pits, open mikes (even after the mission ends ) Who knows, perhaps some talented modders could control my input while I'm doing gunzo... No reading, no studying, no patience -- no simulation. Gaming approach, by all means! If you can wiggle the stick and make your plane do crazy stuff and shoot guns... you'll get 'there' in no time. So, it seems like aerial refueling was just an intro... gripes runs and goes ziplip.
  12. Can you abort? Retract the probe and call to abort. Then, call to gas up again. Another thing that happened to me in the past was due to bad mission planning. I had the carrier recovery tanker flying an orbit for a long time, while I was busy with a mission. When I headed back to get some gas, the tanker departed his pattern and headed for the boat. I caught up with him but he just ignored me. This was a small tanker though (S3). The bigger ones should loiter around for a long time.
  13. Now, the last name call... that would apply when CQ'ing initially as part of VT, wouldn't it? That reminds me of 'Right Stuff" scene when Sheppard (was it?) was lining up in the groove in his little A4... "My name Jose..."
  14. Currently, you have to switch to A/G mode, at least that's what I've experienced. It should work across all master modes.
  15. Relaxing will stop when you get your ass chewed up on the debrief page. On a different note: What did you fly in DCS before the Hornet?
  16. Sometimes I forget I'm not in Hornet's forum and since the bug is the only bird I fly 'recently' I'm on mental autopilot
  17. My advice is simple: play with it and observe. You'll get all the answers you need. Whether you do systematically, recording results, coming up with more questions, reading manuals available on the forums and testing some more, or just playing like a gamer... either way you'll get the feel.
  18. I got out of my Hornet to grab a snack... now, I wonder if F104's are parked somewhere on the ramp.
  19. FCS writeup. I'd have to look it up but if you drop'em before slowing down to 280 kts (?) they'll continue to operate in UA mode until you slow down. You'll see the flaps light in amber. Works the other way too. If you accelerate after t/o and don't raise the flaps handle to 'auto' at around 280 or 270 kts (?) they will transition to UA regardless of gear position.
  20. Thanks, It actually works the way you described it currently in DCS. I found some more info on WACQ, it all confirm what you said. The exclusion times for bump acq. were a bit longer (10sec) then in the sim currently but... that's a non-issue for me.
  21. Nice flow chart, thanks. So it looks like RTS takes you pretty much where you were, except when using guns or with Amraam in flight. Sounds good. Can you confirm WACQ having 2 stabilization modes and... is there any reason why currently only horizontal axis shows up until TDC is pressed. I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this.
  22. I'm not sure how this works in the Hornet. I guess AUTO could be used as 'dive/toss' without any additional symbology but... it would help to know when to start a dive to gain enough energy so, when pulling up from a dive with a steady G, we could expect the release cue to be there. Yea, we can create our own tables, etc...
  23. I'm not sure if that's related at all. I've just tried getting in and out of ACM modes. First, with guns selected. I haven't noticed any issues. Once in GACQ, pressing undesignate serves as a reject/lock a different target within radar's FOV. It could be useful, especially when flying cover for a shooter during ACM or simply switching targets. When pressed, the radar will try to lock a different target within FOV, if no other targets found in 2 sec. (?) the original target is re-locked. The only way to get out of radar ACM mode is by switching to a different weapon and pressing undesignate. I believe this is correct. With other A/A weapons selected and switching radar to ACM modes... I haven't found any consistent way to get out of it, including reset. Yea... going to WACQ can create enough time 'gap' before re-acquisition and pressing undesignate within that time will get the radar out of ACM, although I ran into some inconsistent behavior there too. Going to guns and then switching to other weapons and pressing pinky should get us out of ACM also but that's too much fumbling. Double clicking undesignate button sometimes work. We should be able to get out of ACM by pressing undesignate once, from what I gather. Also, WACQ is acting 'different' then in previous builds. When entered, I could only see the horizontal bar on the HUD. When I pressed TDC, both axes showed up and were slewable. This also brings me to another question. So far, I noticed WACQ is horizon stabilized. I vaguely remember reading something about WACQ having also a 'frame' stabilized mode. I think it could be toggled between the 2 with TDC... Well, I'm just flailing around. I'm sure SMEs can get the message across to the devs.
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