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  1. A little insight from a former RIO posted today... yea, I know it's Tomcatz but some general numbers would also apply here. edit: circa '80, '90s https://youtu.be/38FGpJ_6Js4
  2. Since you mentioned function of flight time... does accelerated time function work the same way as actually flying in 1x ? I wonder if your system time is used instead. I'll check it when I get a chance. Perhaps you might know already.
  3. Nothing constructive here but... Didn't they fix it few builds ago? Sometimes it looks like they plug the updates into old builds
  4. No, they won't. He needs to 'nudge' them a little.
  5. Well IvanK, I think you have enough evidence to show the things are not working right. I hope you got your report on the way. Then again... the current implementation could just be half baked, unfinished stuff. I'd send it anyway.
  6. AGR wouldn't fix your attitude issues. Have you looked at ADI discrepancies, bank and pitch in both, INS and STBY? HUD attitude is in its own world on top of that.
  7. There's also an attitude drift present when you look at ADI. I can understand the horizon slightly tilted because of INS line up degradation (?) but not as much from STBY. The HUD doesn't seem to be effected regardless of source. Is it possible that the horizon tilt effects DIL (pointing the same way the horizon is tilted). Also, in case of error, how does ADC corelate data from standby instruments? It's probably a lot quicker to ask here then read up on all this stuff... some day.
  8. More weirdness: I flew 2 hops. Fast forwarded on the first on the first one to get past 30 min. and the DIL line went crooked. I followed NFM-000 procedures for position updates. I tried DSG (via HUD), AUTO and TACAN. Nothing worked. Out of curiosity I switched POS/INS to POS ADC, reset master caution and put it back to POS/INS... and the DIL pointed straight down, go figure. That got me 'thinking'. I went to ADI to see how the attitude indicator changed on INS, it was off a small amount. I changed to STBY and the horizon was tilted 10 deg. the opposite way... OK. Now, it also seems like I stumbled on a band-aid (if anyone wants to fly missions circa early '80s). My mission was set for 1983 and the ATFLIR was in the warehouse. I loaded the ATFLIR, flew for 45 min. and the INS never got out of whack until I tried position update, just for the heck of it. My WPDSG was on runway numbers. The ATFLIR was looking exactly at the numbers but I still followed the procedures for DSG update. As expected, the DIL went almost horizontal and I could see that I still had a TGT lock somewhere. I turned toward it and saw the CCIP cross with a diamond superimposed on it... stuck on the ground point. It seemed like a random point although there is a chance this was a overfly point at the time I pressed TDC on FLIR and accepted it on HSI. I'm done testing this. Someone needs to look at this.
  9. . That was my understanding of how this worked. If you were flying over fairly flat terrain with no elevation changes... who cares if INS drifted 1k meters. You should be getting a good range and the DIL should point down... unless, the MC and the standby instruments didn't know which way was straight down, Even if the drift took you from flat to over a tall hill, the cross would be off but not slanted, would it... I need to play around with this mess and see how all of this stuff works here.
  10. Do all AI FA18C's use this model or only Lot 20s ?
  11. Any more info required? Has anyone else seen this behavior?
  12. Before this thing slips into oblivion... Does anyone know how to prevent blanking of D/L contacts donors/AWACS when they creep over the HUD?
  13. LACQ, HACQ... these are HMD modes. When I put sensor priority to HMD I want it to stay there. It's not just about a visual distance. There's is a lot more to it especially in D/L environment. Now... I have no idea what got implemented in what year, etc. One thing I know 'I would want' is smooth and fluid cueing... No gaps or jumpy transitions. If I wanted to go back to HUD, there's 'undesignate' and if wanted to designate something again on HMD ... I'd press SCS, long, short. To sum it up: I would want smoothest , quickest way to acquire, lock and kill with minimal clutter/gaps. It's just me, so I'll put it to rest.
  14. Actually, I think we have a bigger issue then just visual mess here. I tested the LACQ mode again and basically this mode is inactive not just outside of the HUD frame but also over entire HUD area (except a small band at the top of the HUD). This is a very useful mode and should work within the radar gimbal limits, including HUD area. When I glanced a radar page I could see the scan line frozen when moving my HMD cross anywhere over the HUD. This shouldn't be the case. It makes no sense. I'll make a bug report when I have a chance.
  15. and last but not least, the zone around the HUD that prevents LACQ (and possibly other ACM modes) to see and acquire anything. The radar certainly doesn't have any 'gaps' in this area.
  16. As expected I was on the wrong track . First, it was happening to missile #1, not 4. Initially I was suspecting VR effecting memory, after multiple flights w/o restarting DCS. Finally, I noticed that this was happening when I engaged A/P BARO hold and on top of that, FP hold (or whatever it's called) by pressing A/P 'ON' button. I wanted to stabilize the flight path before releasing the missiles in a slow sequence. If I didn't engage A/P and countered the asymmetric load effects with the stick... all missiles released and flew correct altitude profiles. I wouldn't bet 100% on this theory but it sort of looks like there's something to it. Here's a track:Harpoon test4.trk and a vid:
  17. I've come across some weird behavior of the last Harpoon in a 4 missile launch sequence. There are no issues if I start the mission after the fresh start of DCS (actually I did the reboot also). When I try to fly the same mission again, without restarting DCS (and possibly rebooting), I always see missile #4 flying up to over 40k feet, leveling off then diving on the target... after overflying it and hitting it dead on. All 4 missiles were set to BOL with HTPT, LOW flight profile and SKIM terminal phase. In all cases, all missiles followed the programmed route. Weird. Anyone else seen this? Edit: I'll post the tracks and vids tomorrow.
  18. I use the WH and this mini track ball is pure crap. I use it also for TDC depress, so... the dead zone has to be enormous. Currently I have it set to 17 . The 'realistic' setting is unchecked. Holding this tiny track ball and slewing is next to impossible. I would probably have to use some toggle switch to flip it to 'depress' and then use a track ball to slew. Yes, there is someone out there making replacement TDC's... maybe I can put my name on a waiting list. Heck, I'm not even sure if the guy is still cranking them up. The rest of the settings. Both axes: Saturation X - 100, Sat. Y - 50, Curv. -15 (joy_Y inverted) You know how this works. You get in a situation where these settings are too sluggish and... here we go again. For now I'll keep it. It's not very fast on ATTK page but it's sufficient for me.
  19. I tested SLAM-ER in the previous OB build. I got the same results when launching directly at targets. When I used turn points, the missiles flew at 5k in low profile, 15k at medium until their last turn point before target then they descended at a very shallow angle to 200 ft. I haven't tried high profile.
  20. Same here. I can switch between AUTO and CCIP without loosing a designation.
  21. I hate to be positive but the HUD and HMD designations seem to work very well, at least in my test. I reconfigured my WH TDC mini track ball... dumbed it down quite a bit and it's really manageable on the HUD and HMD. I think it is still acceptable on ATTK page. I was surprised to see the IMAV snapping to HUD designations accurately every time. Well, it was all within fairly short range. On top of that... everything looks better at sunset
  22. I can't replicate it on my rig (latest OB). Starting my mission in the air. In NAV mode, I could not designate any point on the ground using HUD or HMD. I could definitely designate a point with WPDSG, radar or FLIR. Regardless whether I try it before or after A/G master mode.
  23. Another method that would be very intuitive and 'clear' is to blank the HUD from displaying weapons envelopes and TD box(s) as soon as the priority goes to HMD. This would give you a smooth and solid display of important data on HMD regardless of where you're pointing your head. When pressing undesignate or switching priority to anything else the HUD would take it back.
  24. I see only 1 TD box... anyways, what do you think about the 'dead zone' I described in my vid?
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